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  1. I filled in an application form which had the usual stuff on the back, talking about the form and guarantor, asking if all the info i put on was true etc but i was in a hurry to fill the form in and hand it to the letting agents for fear of someone else getting the admin on the house first which would have prevented me from getting it. I must have had it in my possession for about an hour before handing it in. I did not get a copy of it given to me. Do you think I could ask to see my file?? Could they refuse to give it to me?
  2. Because that was what the process i was told happened by the letting agents - i pay the money for them to do the admin involved in processing my application for expenses and credit checks etc - ive never used a letting agent before, ive only been with a housing association and got this house from a friend of a friend so didnt know any different. Every letting agent but one does that in my town - they all advised me the same when i was aclling about houses so i had no reason to think this was wrong? x
  3. Hi, just wondered if someone would be able to give me a second (or third!) oppinion? I needed to move house and paid an admin charge of £250 to a letting agent. was very unimpressed by their unproffessional attitude - they lost my contact details twice, didnt attend the first or second house viewing, didnt advise the current resident of my appointments to view until a few minutes before, did not advise me when the credit checks were complete, did not advise me that it was a compulsery part of the contract that i take out house insurance and were in general rude and uninterested - so it pr
  4. watch out for your cars? seriously???? You just quashed any valid points you had by letting yourself get carried away like that. Speak for your own actions and thoughts dear not for others, you're doing no one any favours by putting that bull on here
  5. Thanks, by a reasonable amount i was thinking along the lines of £280 - £285 - i have a tax rebate on its way
  6. Ok, excellent. Its good to know that they have accepted this in the past. Il make them a reasonable offer and see what happens. Thanks
  7. Hi godmother thanks for the reply, Do you know if that would work? Have you done that or know anyone who has? I know its only £9 but its just the principle of the matter more than anything else - even if the quote was £299!! When i questioned the rep she just said its because of the interest and became quite defensive when i asked wasnt that what paying it off did - cut the interest off? Im not sure she knows how it is worked out herself tbh she couldnt explain it just tell me that "thats just the way it works out" - not an explanation in my eyes. I also wonder if the fact that she
  8. Hi I wonder if anyone could clear up something for me. I, as a last resort, took out a provident loan a few wks ago of £300. I have no intention of going full term and paying all the interest and requested an early settlement figure which they quoted me today of £309. Is this right?? I worked it out to be about £280ish - i dont understand how the settlement figure can be MORE than the original loan??? Here are the details of the loan - Loan = £300 APR = 272.2% duration = 51 wks repayment amount = £10.50 Total repayable = £546 I have made four payments so far. I th
  9. Thanks everyone - i spoke to her today, it turns out that the bailiffs werent at her door that morning she just received a letter and has given a forwarding address for them to send letter to/call at, which they accepted. But il let her know that I was right about her not having to pay a penny so if they get in contact again she doesnt worry. Thanks again x
  10. Hi, I am posting this on behalf of a friend who has had the bailiffs at her door thismorning threatening to take her goods. The debt is for an ex partner of several years back of whome has never lived at her current address - he has given her address as his own. She says that she has called the number on the letter and they were no help saying that they cant do anything because he has said he lives there. What should she do? Surely if she can prove he does not live there via tenancy or something? Also of she can prove the items are hers they cannot take them? Advice would be very
  11. As I said Im not 100% on the court order etc - in all honesty they dont normally go that far they just chase it for 90 days, after that time elapses it will "drop off" and the store would not be able to deal with the debt because after 120 days the debt is sold to an outside agency, which means bailiffs - real ones! But as you say the agreements are in the ex's name so I would say you are pretty safe but please get official advice, perhaps via the CAB only because you have signed the original agreements too
  12. I would contact the store to see how the land lies with them. See what they say and then come back here with an update and to request further advice if needed. With you having been on the account previously Im not sure how that would lie - but if all the new agreements are in ex's name i would imagine that the payment still lies with him. However I would get this confirmed
  13. It depends on your individual cover - you are best contacting them and asking. You dont need to tell them of the accident at this stage just say you are looking to buy off a hire purchase company and they have said that "your insurance needs to pay off the remaining balance of the agreement as well as replacing the item for them to take off their own damage liability cover" (standard response from BH) they should then let you know what you are covered for. From that you can decide who to claim from. BH DLC, by the way, will pay off the remaining balance owing on the item and not replace
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