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  1. Thank you and yes it was a 10k loan in 2007 but the amount outstanding currently is £17k
  2. Apologies Blemain finance is named on the paperwork how and what info do I put on sar thanks
  3. Hi, I’m desperately looking for help regarding a secure loan that was taken out on my moms property ( I’m her appointee) back in 2007. I have limited paperwork but the bits I have show a loan application with no income on it also the person who sold her the loan circled the form where she had to sign it and promised a call back in 12 months to rearrange the loan and do a better mortgage however this never happened. I’m almost 100% sure this was totally mis sold and the end date of the loan is past her retirement age. She has been paying the loan however the interes
  4. Hello:) im new to the site so please bear with me, i have just found out today that Credit Account Management have put a default on my credit experian file which i think is from a choice catalogue which moorcroft were recovering the debt, i pay monthly to choice direct online throught the online payments system. due to this it may stop me buying my property as im trying to get a mortgage but this is going to bring down my credit badly as they have put default all over it, can any one help me with what i do next i have never dealt with Credit Account Management and can only think of them as bei
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