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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys . I have writen a couple of letters including S.A.R ... Also one more question ! Am I right in thinking they can only use a Charging Order if I have missed payments setup in aCCJ ???? It just seems quite a severe action to take on someone who is in arrears for 400.00 ????
  2. Hi people, I have today received a letter from Optima legal , saying We have been instructed on behalf of MBNA that you have fail to pay an outstanding balance. As a result, have no alternative other than to commence legal proceedings to obtain a CHARGING ORDER ? ( wOT EVER THAT IS ) ?????? If you contact (012******) they maybe prepared to come to some areemant that will freeze interest and reduce payments (???) This MAY be your Final Opportunity to come to such an agreement Can anyone give me some INPUT ??? As I have been paying them monthly .I'm about 400.00 in arrears ( Help would be great , Thanks for looking )
  3. Nice thanks for the info Day off work today !! I'm going to write a couple of letters to them today. Cant seem to get any help over the phone !! Give you an insight to the last telphone call, ...... I RANG them (wot a mistake !!) . explained AGAIN I was struggling to pay min payment, I was told to get all my information together , ref income and outgoins so they could HELP me put together a payment plan.. I asked "when would I receive the paperwork to fill in" ? . Told to ring back again and they would happily do it over the phone with me !! . So like a MUG I did !! RANG THEM AGAIN ... Long story short , got passed to about five different people, ended up with an Irish Guy... Explained everything to him, went through all my paperwork with him took 30 mins, he said that I was making a big mistake , and that he would only take off 40.00 from my min payment, BUT to put it in place I had to pay my ARREARS off 450.00 first... LOL , TOLD HIM TO GET A LIFE, SAID I NEEDED HIS HELP !! When I told him it was impossible for me to do that he put the phone down on me , MBNA WOT A BUNCH OF T....TS
  4. Hi ya people, I'm new On here Have a question , I have a card with MBNA Which is at its peak £6000, Due to new working arrangments , ( ie SALES JOB , Commision structure ) I cant pay my min payment. I am know 450.00 in arrears, I keep gettin phone calls all the time, HOME, MOBILE , even have my WORK . I have been paying them just not the min payment , Wot do I do next , any comments would be fantastic CHEERS
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