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  1. Hi Pompeyfaith, Thanks for your advice on this matter. I haven't been online in a while & haven't had a chance to catch up on the paperwork side of things. Just a quick question also........Central Trust had also sent an insurance cancellation form to fill in which stated 'Please take this letter as authority to cancel the Optional Payment Protection Insurance as at 16th September 2008', Is it advisable in signing this & sending it back to Central Trust as it will bring down the monthly payments considerably or will this affect the PPI mis-selling claim? Thank You again
  2. On Point 4 I would like to add that when going to the Central Trust office in Watford (as instructed by salesperson) to sign the agreement I was met at the front door by the salesman who asked me to sign the agreement in the foyer as it was busy inside. He said he would send the forms in the post but these were not received until I requested them from Central Trust in August 2008 when I was made aware by all the uproar on PPI's. Can anybody advise me on the best route to take. Thanks in advance Gemini
  3. Hi, I was just wondering is somebody could help me with this. I am not sure if I should give up or if I have a chance on still reclaiming for mis-sold PPI. I sent a letter to Central Trust on 2nd September to claim mis-sold PPI I received a letter from them on Friday stating what was in the attached letter. How do I send the letter? I have tried adding it as an attachment Thanks in advance Gemini
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