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  1. ok great thanks, so i send this SAR ( i havent looked at the form yet you mentioned) and send them £10 each as theres 3 companies and just give them my name and addresses and tell them i want the full account details and the agreements etc? thanks so much
  2. sounds like i have a lot of work to do lol, but thanks for the advice. trouble is again, apart from them being on a debt relief order that has now been settled, i also cannot find the details for them, i know the credit card was with halifax and the capital one account i have the credit card number for, but theres a hsbc loan that i dont have details on either - i take it i can only claim back the ones i have details for as else how can i make a claim? thanks again and sorry if im asking silly questions
  3. hi im not sure if i can make a claim as i have no idea if i was sold ppi as i opened the accounts a long time ago - ive had a credit card with capital one, a loan with hsbc and a credit card with halifax. the trouble is i defaulted on all 3 accounts after a few years when i was unemployed and they have since been closed with a debt relief order - so im guessing due to this i cannot make a claim even if i was mis sold ppi? if for some reason i am entitled, does anyone know the best companies to use as there are so many of them. thanks
  4. hi all, nationwide have been charging me defaults every month for nearly 2years and i have only just found out as moved etc. Ive rung collections and they have agreed that they will close the account if i pay off the original failed DD amount of £30 which i have done and the accounts is closed. my question is, since the account is closed and i havent been liable to pay the other defaults, can i not get them removed from my file?
  5. nope nothing, i havent had any replies. a friend of mine seems to think that theres nothing i can do and they just stay there for 6years. The account isnt in use, and has now been closed, after the collections team agreed that i could pay the original failed DD amount.
  6. hello i was looking on here today and saw a template for banks about multiple defaults for the same account and that you can get the muliple defaults removed - there wasnt much info on it, so not sure whats what and what to do really. The account in question is an old account of mine that id forgotten i had and then moved etc, noticed it on my credit file and there have been defaults on my file every month for about a year-- for the same account, the same debt - it was a failed DD and the charge was for £30 i have now cleared the original amount the account is due to be closed. is there anything i can do?
  7. hi all i had a failed DD about 2years ago, and then i moved and cos' i had just switched accounts cos i couldnt afford to pay the £30 charge, i forgot to switch over that account to my new address - hense why i didnt get the reminder letters. anyway, the other day i got my credit file and saw that each month i was getting a default from nationwide so i rang them to ask why - id forgotten all about this account, when they looked into it and said it back dated from the original failed DD, i remembered what had happened. I spoke to collections and they said as long as i paid the original failed DD amount, they'd wipe off the other amounts and close the account - this is what i have now done. since the amount is paid now, can i get the defaults removed from my file or do i have to wait for them to clear in like 6years?
  8. ok il try and find out if the tenant gets the HB paid to herself or the landlords and go from there. so id need her full name and the address of the property for that? il contact my local county court on monday and get the form from them - providing the HB is paid to the tenant.
  9. well i do have details of a bank number and sort code, but i dont know if its a joint accoun or just her account. id love to take it out against the tenant to repay me their rent, but they are on HB so im not sure that would be allowed. i guess il have to take out the order to get more info on them, and then do the third party order if it comes back that they have money in the bank etc. the only problem with that is, say the order is taken out and on the day, they only have £200 in the bank, then thats obviously all il get, im owed £900 from them ! so id have to begin proceedings again i guess to recover the rest? what do you think about a warrant ?
  10. well it is against a married couple, but i have had to take a judgement out against them as individuals as i cannot do one for them both. i know that she works in the postal force, but will be on mat leave soon if not already as was 3 months preg when i last saw her in sep which is when i moved. i know he is the main bread winner so as to speak but dont know if self employed or company employed. i know they have a house where they live and the property i lived in too, which is now re rented to someone else. if i went ahead with the third party order, am i right in thinking that i can firstly get an order to get more info on them which would provide me with things like bank details? at least then i guess id know whether they have money in the bank etc?
  11. well i do know for a fact that the property has been re rented as i found the new tenant for them myself. ive rung the northamton court today as they were dealing with this as i did it all online, but they have said that from now i need to deal with my local county court and get info from them, which i will look into next week.
  12. ok so ive decided to take out a third party debt order against my landlord as the judgement didnt work. the trouble is it asks for details of the third party which is the 'bank' they hold account with - how on earth would i know this? advice please
  13. hello i have taken my ex landlord to the small claims court cos they didnt pay me back my deposit, they ignored this entitely. the court then told me to send them a CCJ i think it was, again they ignored this. they have told me the next step is up to me, and have told me to refer to their website for my options - but im really not sure which one is for me, they dont seem straight forward at all. which one do you advise? the website is hm courts service and the link they gave me for info was the form EX321, theres a few options but not sure which to decide. i really do need some help please
  14. hello a friend of mine has gone over drawn on her credit card with capital one, and isnt in the best of financial situations, shes wanting to pay it back but the interest and charges keep piling on - is there a letter template she can use to write to them and ask them to stop the interest and charges whilst shes paying it back? and of course explaining her financial situation? thanks
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