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  1. let them take me to court, hopefully the court will see they are rip off merchants
  2. Hi All Quick update. I recieved a letter 5 days before my loan was due to be repaid from a company called gothia they said my loan was over due and i needed to repay imediatly or face court action / balifis or repay at least £25 per month over 40 months. The total i am no being forced to pay is now in the total of £1000 for a £300 loan. They wont let me pay it off any earlier as they say the minimum is 40 months. Its funny how they cancelled my direct debit a few days before i got the letter. GGGRRR wot to do
  3. Brilliant i will get on to it straight away tahnks guys, i will keep you posted
  4. Thank you, i can sleep abit better at night for that. I dont have any assets any way as my house is private and furnished by my landlord. I only have a second hand telly and my clothes n thats it n i dont have a car. So they wont get alot from me. If they do that i wont let them in no way. If i cancell the direct debit today will they be imformed and try to set it up again ?
  5. Hi All Thank you for looking at their website and checking them out, i have recieved no reply to my mail saying i want to cancel and give them the £300 back. I recieved a read reciept from them but no response back. I am going to cancell the direct debit they set up and imform my bank not to let them take any money or set a direct debit. I will fight this all the way and wait for a letter from them. They only have my account number sort code phone number and address. Can they send bailfis round ?
  6. no i never got any terms or conditions of my loan. They still have not replied to my mail about cancelling it. Should i cancelling my bank account and wait for them to write to me ?
  7. Hi, Yes i emailed them staright away, i did not sign anything or recieved anything in the post i just txt them saying yes n i got txt saying the money will go in my account within 1-2 days and it was there in like 10 mins.
  8. also they claim to be 24 hours and they are either ignoring me or they aint 24 hours, they are a finish company and not registred with fsa.
  9. Thats brilliant i will do that now, how long should i give them to respond as they have not replied to my previous mails.
  10. I said to them I did not want the money and I recieved nothing back, i have not spent the money, but i have not details of who put the money in their only another company saying they will collect a direct debit on the 13/08/10.
  11. Hi Jamie Thats just it i do want to pay it back but i just can not afford to pay £513 on the 13th of august. I did not realise my application was sucsefull until got a txt saying it will be in my account. I have tried to get them to reply to my mails with a way to suit us both
  12. Hi All I was googling payday loan companies and i came across these people .. removed.. i completed there application without properly understanding and aggreeing to their terms, i recieved a txt saying to proceed txt yes to blah blah number, so i did i got a txt back saying my money will be put in account in 1-2 days. I didnt even realise what i was doing. Now i have untill 13-08-10 to pay back £513 for a loan of £300. They have my work email,mobile phone number, address & bank details. I can not pay this back and ia m worried what is going to happen to me. I have emailed them and t
  13. Hi all Hope u had a good xmas and happy new year ! well its not been the best start to the year as i have recieved a phone call at work from a charming employee at work who said am i willing to make a payment i replied no as i am in dispute over this account and i would would like all corresponsence in wrighting and i also said that i have had no reply from my previous letters and the reply i got was i thought u wouldnt make a payment , we will contact u any means we see fit then he hung up !!! Also i have recieved a letter from D G Solicitors stating that if i do not call them
  14. Hi Guys Sorry for the delay Icarnt post a copy of my CCA on here coz sum parts of my internet are blocked , but i have checked my CCA an d by the looks of it is offical alos i have gone through the statements they sent me for my credit card and i have loads of charges ? (help) also i have nothing back about my loan or overdraft wotever it is like i have said before i carnt remember if it is a loan or just an overdraft gone wrong ! Still not a word from Bryan Carter woo hoo ! But shall i just give in and start paying my bank account stuff , coz i just want it over and done
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