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  1. Can't really understand why I had post removed. I was simply informing Tarquin that I thought his post re Welcome was a very intelligent piece of work! Whats wrong with that? Yet his post, which will cause stress and worry to lots of caggers remains untouched. You know the one, where he states that Welcome will be banging your door down for their money. Don't quite see the reasoning. I aint the bad guy!
  2. qucik update. GE have wrote to offer to refund me but no mention of amount (yet to be worked out) and no mention of the 8% interest on the money fro the 4.5 years since this all happened. They are sending me an offer in the post. Should I still be looking for 8% per year since June 2005, or is that only when Ombudsman rule in your favour? This is regarding the rebate of the insurance premium, not mis-selling
  3. Thanks, I didnt think about there being no insurable interest. The life insurance was only for me and not joint, whereas the PPI was joint. Hmmm.
  4. Sorry, didnt explain very clearly did I? Been trying to claim my PPI back from 2004. I know I was mis-sold but GE Have simply said "we were the loan provider, it's the broker you should be omplaining about" so the Financial Ombudsman agreed. We then complained to Ocean Finance but they weren't regaulated at time of loan, so now we are trying the underwriters, who have simply said, "no, it's GE who were at fault"! So now I'm looking at if I can complain about the rebate that I should have had when we made an early repayment of the loan. The PPI was for £2000 over 6 years but I
  5. I have been trying to re-claim PPI from iGroup (now GEMoney) since 2005 all to no avail. They have given me and the FOS the complete run around. "It's not us, it's Ocean Finance, or Albaster (now expired), or the Underwriters, etc, etc. I am no nearer a solution than 5 years ago. Anyway, it has occured to me that they didnt give me any rebate for the PPI (which totalled £2000) when I paid off the entire loan in 2005. They are saying that I should have requested a rebate as per the policy document, but they never sent any document so I had no idea, I simply thought it was automati
  6. 70 local branches. Please, please, please, be my local branch! Sorry welcome staff, you have had this coming a long time. Anyone know how many branches they have in total?
  7. I just dont believe it! Welcome finally paid up! But now they have sent me an arrears notice for £6000 OK, I'll explain more. I had a loan 2 years ago for £7,500 and welcome kindly put £700 for their great insurance products. Anyway, I complained to the Ombudsman who said they should repay it, so they did. I received a cheque for over £500 after signing a new agreement. They sent me a new account number and made the agreement without unsurance has it would have without insurance. But guess what? Although they sent the £500 they are now saying I owe £6000 for the old lo
  8. Sorry post. I don't know how. But they have taken the whole insurance rubbish off so I am paying the right amount now, so im happy with that. However, after phonning FOS they said Welcome need to have the signitures for the new agreement as the agreement becomes the only agreement. If this is true I am quite happy, although Welcome have clouded the issue of refund in their original letter. If I sign the new agreement can they say its a new agreement starting from now and lasting another 48 months when there was only 22 months left on the old one? Thats what worries me?
  9. Just an update on this. The FOS have now decided to pursue the underwriters after 6 months of messing about with first Ocean finace, then GE! Haven't even been given an adjudicator yet! And now 2 different cases as both loans had different underwriters, Sterling Life and Cigna. So if you are in the same position, ask the FOS if you can pursue the underwriters
  10. they have now sent me a new agreement to sign with no date on it and with 48 months term which was the original term! They have taken the PPI off but all looks shady to me. Whats to stop them trying it on by saying 48 months from now?
  11. I thought the 17th was the end of welcome-whats happened?
  12. Their not sounding very positive on the Cattles discussion board!
  13. Yes, you are right Eagle. I aplogise for my previous post. No-one should wish that type of disaster on anyone. Check my other posts and you will see I have never had a go at anyone, just not like that. But when I see someone like Sergio on here, giving it the big sympathy vote, oh wow betide me, it makes my blood boil! However, I hope the administrator bans him as I could do without it to be honest. I have enough on my plate without a "devil with an appication form", sorry, mortgage broker taking the **** out of me. Anyway, I will behave now, honest.
  14. I don't know why the administrator is threatening to close this thread. I think Sergo is merely highlighting what a lot of us believe to be correct. That Mortgage brokers are only interested in one thing-Money! I also hope you get what is coming to you, redundancy, followed by repossession, followed by, well, you can guess the rest. I might be a financial idiot, but I could never be as lonely and sad as you!
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