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  1. will do thanks a lot, I'll get back with any developments....feeling a bit worried, at what point should i play ball to avoid a ccj?
  2. I have just been on Experian and it shows the Barclaycard as 'settled' and 'debt assigned to another CIAS member'...presumably this is MKRR but there is no new active account showing on my experian report is this normal?
  3. Hi dx where would i go to check the CRA, experian?
  4. thanks slick just updated my page have been on shellys thread...
  5. could anyone tell me if my SAR to BC should go to Barclays Bank PLC PO box 9131 51 Saffron rd Leicester LE18 9DE this seems to be the only address on their statement? many thanks!
  6. I've just answered my own question regarding the CCA
  7. Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I'm on my own for the last ten days so working and taking care of the children whilst my partners abroad, and it's been a bit difficult to keep up. On monday I recieved another letter from mk this time it's more threatening. ]Final notice[/b] as you have not taken up our offer of help as a legal requirement we must now inform you that we are instructing our pre-litigation department to review your account for further action. they may commence litigation against you which will increase the amount payable due to costs incurred. should the matter proceed they could take a charge against your property (if you are a homeowner) or have monies deducted from your salary (if you are employed) It is not too late to resolve this matter, please contact us immediately to allow us to help you avoud this. I'm sending off the SAR and CCA but should i send the CCA to MKRR or to BarclayCard? If it takes 40 days to get hold of my statements will it be too late presumably i'll have been taken to court by then if they're serious? thanks again.
  8. Hi there, I have recently recieved a letter from Barclays regarding a visa card debt that i've been struggling to pay the balance off in a payment plan with them on and off for a couple of years now. The letter stated the the debt had been passd on to MKRR. This was followed today by another letter from MK RR, this is asking for an acknowledgment of the debt and an offer to allow me to pay in installments. I would attach a jpg but having a bit of trouble uploading the main body of the text is :- dear mr XXXX Further to our communication regarding transfer of ownership of your balance we have not recieved your offer of payment. we want to help you and are in a position to offer and installment arrangement to clear the outstanding balance , but we can only do this after speaking to you. Please call us to discuss ways we can help. Alternatively we will continue to contact you by telephone or letter so we would advise you to contact us to resolve this matter. the 'Balance' and 'Original Creditor' are writted as such in a box at the bottom of the page This the first time they have contacted me 'regarding transfer of ownership of' my balance other than the letter from barclays wich merely stated that it had been passed on to this Company. I would like to know if this debt having been sold on to MK RR is legally enforceable and if there are any loopholes i can jump through to evade them or at least make them work a little harder. so far i haven't acknowledged the debt to them and i would welcome any input as to my next move. Many thanks in advance!
  9. well I went back to my studio this evening still no copy of notice of seizure or breakdown of costs incurred...it seems to have gone very quiet. I think I'll give it a couple of days and follow up at the beginning of next week, though I suspect it's been settled by the good people of Hackney council. It's left me feeling very sour and I'm wondering whats the best way to leave things at the very least i think i need to highlight this bad practice to someone in the council but who? they all seem deaf and blind to these shenanigans...
  10. Hi Dave i'm currently in a dispute with a bailiff who has levyed on someone elses property, I know it's stressful but try to remember that they are employing tactics that prey on fear and vunerability, and often have little or no real authority, this last point is key. Have they tried to charge you for attending to remove goods at the same time? If they have then it's very irregular and this is in you favour. I would start to make payments to the council they will always accept payments, and complain to them about whats happened, they might not respond to verbal complaints then put it in writing that the bailiff is trying to levy on others property. This way they might take back the debt obviously the more that you can afford to pay of the original CT bill the better as it completely takes the wind out of bailiffs sails. Also don't make any payment to the bailiff all payments are to go directly to the council it's up to them if they pass it on to the bailiffs but it's highly unlikely that this will happen. If you pay the bailiff then they will cover their 'fees' (usually just fabrications) first and pass on the rest to the council. I copied this from a cagger post which sets out quite neatly some important points (thanks to fairplay77):- remember the following: 1. Bailiffs cannot enter your home unless you give them permission or unless they find an open door or window. However, once they have entered, they have the 'right' to enter your home again even without your permission. So DON'T LET THEM IN IN THE FIRST PLACE! 2. If the council agree to take back the debt that is fine, but even if they don't you can still opt to pay the council instead of the bailiffs (but do not pay by direct debit because the amount taken can be changed without your permission). 3. Don't believe anything the bailiffs tell you, especially silly illegal threats about having you committed to prison. There's no way they can do that. In fact they have very little power - they are paper tigers! 4. It's very unlikely they will steal your neighbour's car, uness, that is, the bailiff doesn't mind doing a spot of porridge! 5.Check the charges they are trying to slap on. They can only charge £24.50 for a first visit and £18 for a second as long as you haven't signed anything, i.e. what is called a Walking Possession Order. [/color]
  11. Thanks for all your interest, I checked tonight and it's still at 40 quid. I will need to get some paperwork from the council (they never sent the confirmation) and also i paid cash for the car i think i have a signed reciept but it was nearly a year ago so it might be hard to find...much as i hate to i might just pay it. I'm currently involved in a dispute with bailiffs levying on the 1st thing they lay eyes on and trying to take me to the cleaners, so maybe i should just concentrate on that!
  12. well i'm rather looking forward to it myself and i will post immediately once i've recieved the notice of seizure, though it does look like these bikes at the moment. I've recorded the calls today and i have to admit i'm starting to enjoy listening to the sound of pedals motioning backwards... Have you got any good tips? Incidently i'm using a third party number to record the calls but it's a bit pricey if anyone knows of another? This service sends the calls to you as an mp3 for free but calls internationally and to mobiles are 50p/min and 10p to a landline.
  13. Hello all I'm posting here as i have a problem with a parking fine, in November last year my girlfriend parked our car in southwark council she paid with an automated service which she was already registered for. unfortunately the last time we parked there we happened to have a different car a Vreg polo now we have an 07 Zafira... when she was asked to confirm for some reason it didn't seem odd to her that the text response recognised the telephone number unfortunately she didn't stop to check the reg and paid for 3 hrs parking on a car that had been scraped a year prior to this. the upshot of all this is that we have a pcn that i have challanged, but i don't think they correctly understood the grounds on which i was challenging. My point was that we made the payment for the wrong vehicle one that has been scrapped the v reg polo and that we meant to pay for an 07 zafira they wrote back to say that there is no record of the zafira and that we never paid the parking for it! a bit frustrating anyhow we are told now that we need to wait for a notice to owner before appeal and that if unsuccessful we will be liable for £80 fine. Does anyone have any similar experience that could guide me through this one, I cant really afford to pay this at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated, Many thanks in advance.
  14. yes they really don't care, i suppose if they do get it wrong most of the time they think it doesn't matter if no-one calls them on it as long as they appear to be within the law. I think this constructive levy business is a real flaw in the system if they were no longer able to just levy on the first thing they lay eyes on then they would have to do a bit more legwork and perhaps it wouldn't be such an attractive job for extortionists...
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