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  1. this was a ppi complaint done online and over the phone - they have sent a detailed letter as to why they say they did not mis-sold the PPI and work out e commission on the ppi on both cards totaling £500 but then they say you will receive £6000 for the two cards but have no idea where that has come from - just wondering if they will say its a mistake and despite saying this is the amount you will get that they turn around and say im not getting it
  2. Have had a letter today from LLoyds Bank regarding my PPI complaint on TWO TSB cards held in the late 1990s. They have rejected the mis-selling of PPI but have made a payment into my bank regarding the commission - a total of £500 However after the breakdown of each card it says total payment is £503 but after that there is a total of appendix i and ii where it says over £6,000 is the amount you will receive for both cards. I dont know where that figure has come from but if they say its what I will receive do I pursue them for it or could they turn round say its a mistake and no
  3. olympic19

    Sun Card

    Thanks for that - had a letter off HSBC who took over HFC saying I did not have any PPI with them despite statements to the contrary - will try again thanks
  4. olympic19

    Sun Card

    Thanks but was most definite The Sun newspaper
  5. olympic19

    Sun Card

    Had credit card from The Sun in the late 1990's Doe anyone know who is servicing the PPI complaints for this card? Cannot find any info online as to who took over the company
  6. sent off two letters on Monday and today had one off Inter-Credit - thought it would say they have had my letter and have gone back to the DVLA to investigate but no its gone from a n outstanding late licensing penalty to a debt recovery notice - we will wait to see what happens next
  7. Have checked on DVLA database and the car has not been taxed since Aug 1 2012 which is the date im accused of not taxing it - so whats happened to it and where is it Have written one letter to DVLA and one to Inter-Credit - will see what happens next
  8. have had this email today from DVLA A penalty has been issued to you as our records indicate that you were the registered keeper of a vehicle which has been untaxed without a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) being made. Penalties are only passed onto debt collectors to pursue if the DVLA receive no response to the original penalty letter. Great care has been taken in selecting the Debt Collection Agencies. They are all professional organisations that adhere to the Credit Service Association, Office of Fair Trading Guidelines and the Data Protection Act (DPA).
  9. it says you must pay an out of court settlement of £80.00 immediately, otherwise legal action through the courts may commence and your vehicle may be clamped and impounded
  10. id like to see them come and clamp and impound the vehicle as it is stated it will do
  11. I today have had a letter from Inter-Credit for outstanding Late Licensing Penalty on a car that I have never owned and the date of offence is 01/08/2012. I can settle out of court for £80. Surely the DVLA would have prosecuted for late licensing before now. so ignore?
  12. I emailed the complaints department so that I had a copy of the complaint it was BT who phoned me!
  13. Just got off the phone with BT complaints department - there is nothing they can do - the account is closed it has been passed on and all dealings must be made with SRJ - the fee also has to be paid as the woman on the phone said it costs for us to send the debt over to the agency who we employ but then goes onto tell me they didnt add any fees. Also they cannot set up any payment plan or pay via bank transfer as the account is no longer with BT - well BT just watch me pay via bank transfer - they can not stop me and i will have a record of all payments and no way am i paying more than the fi
  14. Thanks for your reply - had a phone call from BT today sayinmg again that they did not add any admin fee to the account and neither did SRJ so it looks like its Moorcroft that have added the admin fee of £71 so have to try and get in touch with them. AGain BT said there is nothing they can do as my account is closed and all payments have to be made to SR However have just emailed BT again with the original email I had off them before it went to Moorcroft where it says WE have added a fee of 25%. Whoever it was I will not be paying it. if my account is closed at BT and dont owe them a
  15. Latest update : I am getting nowhere Have had a F&F settlement offer today from SRJ of £182 if paid within 7 days or 3 now as letter dated 23 and delayed due to Bank Holiday. Do the idiots not realise that If i could afford £182 i would not be in this situation in the first place and that if they can accept that amount in one go they can accept it in installments! Have emailed Bt saying I am only willing to pay them via bank transfer so will see what they say this time
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