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  1. yes I am further down the road than that, I have already got a copy of my file & have quoted back to Amex that their agreement is unenforceable as the terms & conditions are not part of the signiture but separate, they have quoted back to me a high court case so & so verses so & so and the judge sided with Amex as after card was taken out client continued to use card therefore he must have accepted the terms & conditions. Amex have now issued a Statuatory Demand on me, any ideas
  2. hello hello, whats this i hear about credit cards & personal loans issued before april 2007 being unenforceable, there's a company advertising they can right them off for you for £450 is this correct does anyone know how this works in plain english please.
  3. Thanks do you know what the template letter is called
  4. I have recently left the family home & am living abroad, but my wife tells me she has received through the letter box a ''appointment letter for statutory demand'' addressed to me. I am in dispute with a credit card company. The house is in her name but we have a joint mortgage should I be worried for her as I'm not bothered for myself. Cheers, If Only
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