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  1. Hi The whole of my LloydsTSB account is overdraft and was about £344. I haven't used the account for about 3 years as I am with a debt managment company. I'm supposed to pay them so much per month but as the debt managment company paid 1 penny less than the agreed ammount (I don't know why) this, according to LloydsTSB put me over the overdraft limit by 1p. They added £20 a day for 10 days in the month plus £15 monthly fee, total £215. They did deduct £89 and £10 from that after I complained but that still ammounts to adding over 1/3 to the amount I owed them. I've never denied I owed them money and was doing my best to pay it off but they don't care.
  2. Payplan. By not paying the correct agreed amount to LLoyds TSB I incured £215 charges and when I asked them to explain why the correct amount was not paid they said "the system somtimes does it" and would not discuss the £215 ALSO Lloyds TSB, even though I have a payment plan with Payplan they still call me, five times in 5 days Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday.
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