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  1. I have been on income support since 2004 after being diagnosed with quite debilitating mental health issues. I was interviewed 2 weeks ago by two DWP employees at my home address regarding overpayment of benefit. It was obvious I was in no fit state to be interviewed and inspite of me informing them that I was not feeling well. I was asked about my mental health problems but I declined to discuss these (even though they had the details). I found the whole experience stressful and intimidating , I hardly remember anything that was said to me or what I said and I remember signing a statement but
  2. Thanks for the replies to this thread. You've really helped me out and will use this information in my defense. Will let you know how it all went...
  3. In brief - my friend on moving from his private rented accomodation after living there for four years, has not only had his £1,000 deposit retained but has been presented with a bill by the landlord for just under £3,000 for: Washing curtains Repainting of internal walls Steam cleaning oven Replacement of a fridge (reported on numerous occasions as faulty) Replacment of a new bath (small chip which has always been there) Replacment of 2 cream carpets (admittedly they did have some cigarette burns and staining). Invoices were presented for these items, all were just one quot
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