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  1. Lol - Sounds like a better idea - they've wasted enough of my time I'll go with plan B and ignore them Thanks again DX
  2. Thanks DX Crikey I'd forgotten how long this thread was!! It's almost a novel! I think I've still got all the paperwork stored away in an archive box ! I'll get the statute barred letter off to them and hope they go back down the crack they crawled out of!
  3. The original start of this saga is long winded - and goes back to 2008 - when I started my PPI claim and Barclycard pulled their usual stunt and ignored me. It turns out that after my handbag was stolen and I'd phoned Barclaycard and told them to close my account rather than issue a new card they closed the account and opened another account without getting me to sign a credit agreement. Needless to say with the PPI I dug my heels in, stopped paying them and Barclaycard threw their teddy from the pram and refused to contact me - they stopped sending me statements and
  4. I'm trying to get to the bottom of some creative maneuvering of interest that they're applying to my card, so I requested a DSAR but forgot to sign the letter - honest guv. They wouldn't send me the paperwork until I sent them a signed letter even though I'd sent them a personal, signed cheque in payment. I sent the letter and got my pack today by DHL (took them 3 weeks) - By the way it had a very good copy of my signed credit agreement from Jan 01 together with the signed DD mandate along with transaction details going back to March 2001. It also contained copies of some splendid le
  5. In my dispute the OC has provided an illegible copy of an application form and presented a "true copy" which isn't an actual copy of the original application form but some other mail shot sent out about the same time. They have also put this "true copy" in a bundle and presented it to court ( in a claim for release of information under DPA). If, in future, they decide to take me to court using the correct "true copy" - can I in anyway get this rejected as inadmissable as it wasn't included in the DPA court bundle? So far this is doing the rounds of the DCA's and I get a letter
  6. E-mail from MSE today about this Quote from MSE: What's the court challenge about? On Friday the banks announced they were seeking a judicial review to challenge the regulator, the FSA's, new rules. The nub of these is where a bank has offered compensation it must notify those previously sold in similar fashion they may be eligible for money back. It's no shock the banks are challenging the rule - they hate this; it could cost 'em up to £2.7bn (see Banks challenge FSA over PPI news) Wils
  7. Quick update - Success!! Cap one have agreed to honour the 2009 interest rate - and have refunded me just under 190.00 !! Although They won't actually lower the interest rate shown on my statement (I'm sure there must be a devious reason for this) - they take interest at the inflated rate and then refund me the difference every month - sounds daft dosesn't it? but it's 11.00 a month of the balance so nice one Capital One. I'll just have to keep an eye next year when they send the letters out again about freezing interest. Cheers Wils
  8. Solved it ! Firefox adblocker - I'd switched it on to get rid of those silly ads - but it got rid of all the chevrons smilies and the rest - Need to find out how to isolate ads from useful stuff! Wils
  9. Cheers MD Not got any chevrons - looked all the way down the screen, Still got no smilies (confused - down in the mouth )
  10. Think I've done a screen shot but not quite sure Wils Took it out wasn't right screen prints.doc
  11. Hi I know I've said this before - I can't hide the Consumer Forums Menu - no little arrows so I've only got a thin colum of text down the middle of the screen. Even when I go to the advanced for replying the threads there's no title on the little menu bar at the top. I can click on the dropdowns but they don't do anything - hence still no smilies I'm using firefox 3.6.10 Ta Wils
  12. Why have I got the forum menu stuck at the top right side of my screen? Didn't there used to be an arrow thingy that we could click to hide. I still can't put screen shots in posts -so I can't show you. When I "go advanced" there's none of those fancy gizmos to insert files or smilies or anything for that matter. All v strange Wils
  13. Can do that bit but don't know how to put it in a post- Went to advance so I could put a smilies on the end of that - but they aren't in there either - Is it me???? Wils
  14. The little blue arrowie things next to last posters name have disappeared again - but when they were ther they took you to the very bottom of the last page not to the post. (Still haven't worked out how to do a screen shot):-)Similie face (they're not working either in quick reply - drop down's there and there's words but if you click on them they don't work) all the best Wils
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