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  1. Thanks for that - it confirms what I thought I already knew, just wasn't sure on this particular Act.
  2. Hi, I'm afraid I have to go into a bit of slightly irrelevant history before I get to the point, so please bear with me! I own a freehold property that I bought in 2005 and currently rent out. I discovered two months after the property purchase completed, that although my property is freehold, there is a management company involved and a covenant in the Land Registry deeds. The management company refused to agree to the register of the title in my name, until I signed the covenant, so I had no option but to sign it. Around two years after I bought the house,
  3. An update - following my letter from Vodfone confirming that there was in fact no debt, I wrote back to them expressing my concerns that they had ever passed on a disputed debt to their debt collectors. On Friday, a message was left on my landline voicemail, apologising for their errors and their delay in dealing with my complaints, and advising me that a further letter would be coming out to me. I received their letter today - apparently they understand my frustration at being contacted by the debt collector after I had been told by Vodafone that there was no debt. They pointedly
  4. A quick update - Vodafone have responed to my complaint. I received a letter from them yesterday, in which they acknowledge that the account should have been cancelled (although they have tried to imply that the fact that it wasn't is down to me not understanding that I needed to give them 30 days notice - the fact that my letter to them in November stated "I expect my contract to be terminated immediately with no penalty") and that the alleged debt will be cleared in full. Unfortunately, CJ Garland clearly didn't refer back to the client on receipt of my letter to them, since I received
  5. My last letter to Vodafone, gave them a fourteen day deadline to respond. That deadline is up tomorrow - needless to say I have not had a response from them so far, unless the telephone call from Garlands was their way of responding Under the circumstances, if I do not hear from Vodafone tomorrow, I will take Kirsty up on her offer to investigate this, although I have previously dealt with Vodafone's customer services operatives (on more than one occasion) and to a one, they have failed to action any of the things they have said. Consumers should not have to publically declare th
  6. Kirsty - I don't wish to appear rude, but if you take the time to re-read my OP you will see that I have attempted to resolve the matter with the Vodafone customer service team on more than one occasion, and each time I have been told things will be done, which then quite clearly haven't been. You will also see from my OP that I have escalated my complaints through correspondence with your head office, and I am expecting to receive a reply from them within the next forty eight hours. If I do not do so, I will be pursuing the matter through the appropriate channels.
  7. I've just received a demand for payment within 7 days from this Garlands mob - they have a website http://www.cjgarland.co.uk/home/ How can they win awards for business when they are clearly in breach of OFT guidelines? The world has gone mad! I've written back, thanking them for drawing my attention to their client's breach of the OFT debt collection guidelines and telling them not to contact me again
  8. Aaaaaaghhhh!! Tha's so much better! I have been in continuing correspondence with Vodafone for nearly a year now, since my contract account with them fell into arrears due to them setting up a direct debit wrongly, not just once but twice, and also trying to take payment from a credit card which I no longer have. They managed to cut off my phone (and my husbands) on two separate occasions as they still couldn't sort out their system, and in the end following a strongly worded complaint, they agreed in writing to waive 50% of the outstanding amount, and accept payment of the other 50% in
  9. At last!! I finally have copy statements from BC dating back to Feb 2003, with a covering letter stating that this is all the information that they hold relating to this account. I am off to fill in a spreadsheet, and in the meantime will send The CPR version of the Credit Agreement request. Thank for youe help everyone, I will keep you up to date with developments
  10. Ah, I will try calling them then. I wasn't sure if I would have to issue having already sent the LBA. I don't understand why it's causing them so much difficulty either - it's not a complicated request!
  11. I sent the letter before action as they have not even responded to my SAR let alone actually provided the information, but how do i now go about obtaining a court order forcing them to produce the documents. I don't yet have a claim in, as I can't issue without knowing how much the claim is for, and I can't work that out without seeing my copy statements. It seems a bit circular to me. Do I simply issue proceedings seeking just that order? I haven't yet decided whether I want to pursue a claim for interest, or just get the charges back, and it's my understanding that I may not need to
  12. Well I have heard absolutely nothing from anyone at BC, Mercers, Calders or whoever they are calling themselves now! I did get a letter from barclaycard today, saying they were sorry to hear that I was disappointed with their service and they would look into my complaint and respond by 19 February :? Goodness knows what planet they are on!! Anyway - I have still had no response whatsoever to my SAR or to the letter before action that I sent. What do I have to do now to get them to send all my copy statements etc? I presume I have to issue proceedings, but I haven't been able to find any
  13. Thanks Slick, both will go out in the next post
  14. Okey doke - here we go with the next stage then. The forty day period for them to comply with my SAR expired on Tuesday, and they have failed to do so. I have however received two letters from Calder Financial, who now appear to be dealing with the account (although I have never officially been given their name or details). The first letter gives me 7 days to pay the full sum due, the second, dated four days later, makes a final offer of reduced payments. They are making a without prejudice offer of a reduced repayment plan of £59.00 per month, and in exchange they will stop all
  15. Somebody has rattled Mercers cage again... They have sent me a 48 Hour Notice telling me that I have been ignoring their demands and that they will now pass my account to a debt collections firm in my area and a local representative may call at my address - this despite my letter telling that they do not have my permission to do so. Interesting that I received this 48 hour notice by 2nd class post, and that it is dated 14 November.... Five days ago by my reckoning!
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