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  1. In an earlier letter not associated with my SAR they admitted that they have my records back to 2000. They know full well that this is the start of a PPI claim and are attempting to frustrate me. I have just posted my formal letter of complaint to the data controller so we will see what comes next,
  2. On 4th February I sent the Co-operative Bank a SAR. The first letter they sent was asking for more information. Following my reply they today sent another letter stating that they sold the debt to Fredrickson International so they are now the data holders and not the data controllers and do not have to send me the information that they hold on me. They also kept the £10.00 fee. Can anyone advise if this is correct please? Thank you.
  3. I got the same letter today and I am very happy that I do not have to go to the tribunal to give evidence now. If it was not for this forum I would not have made a complaint to the OFT in the first place. I must say that the OFT and then the FCA were very helpful, they kept me informed and talked me through the tribunal process. Great to know that poeple will not get any more of those HFO letter through their doors again. Well done to all that stuck with this.
  4. That Registration Number comes up as Bhramavira Capital Partners LLP and ran out 29/02/2008. Something is going on here?
  5. HFO CAPITAL LIMITED REGISTERED ADDRESS: 22 BRIDGE STREET, RINGSEND, DUBLIN 4 HFO Capital Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Interim Permission Number 614989. REGISTRATION NUMBER: 446327 VAT REGISTRATION NUMBER: IE9673073N The above is from HFO Capital Limited Web Site
  6. The case is in the hands of the FCA and is going to appeal. I have been asked to give evidence against them at the hearing.
  7. I cannot help you with the legal stuff but I do not think you will go to Northampton Court; it should be transferred to your local court. Northampton Court is basically just an administration office. My thoughts are with you at this time.
  8. I sent a recorded letter to FPC regarding my previous post and was not surprised to see the name of the person signing for the letter was Carter.
  9. I have just received a letter from FPC (aka Fredrickson International) today. The funny thing is it comes from FPC in one of their envelopes but is produced on lookalike Capital One paper and reads as if produced and sent from Capital One. In my view misleading at best and could even be interpreted as fraudulent. “We write to inform you that we have instructed FPC to act on our behalf”. Why not send your own letter telling me we are now acting for Capital One? Its ok I know why. Because they know Capital One should inform a customer when and to whom they have assigned the account. I will send a copy to TS. on Monday for their view. I have dealt with Fredrickson International before and look forward to dealing with the offspring. The last time they owned the debt and use good old Bryan Carter (bless him), this time they are only acting as an agent. I am not a betting man but I have an idea they will soon send the account back to Capital One. Why do these DCA’s not get it into their heads that if they acted responsibly and stopped being underhanded and ceased the attempts at bullying people and telling untruths, that they would end up collecting far more debts? The moral of this story is never trust a DCA.
  10. Thank you citizenB, I will think of a suitable letter.
  11. On a side note the letter arrived clearly stating IND Ref Number XXXXXXXXX in the window above my name so the postman could see. Is this ok for them to do?
  12. I received a letter today from IND informing me that “our client Robinson Way Limited has been acquired by the Hoist Group.” And that my account has been assigned to Hoist Portfolio 2 Limited.
  13. I would send a copy to Bryan Carter to be on the safe side.
  14. Years ago he increased my direct debit from the court order amount of £5.00 to £6.50. I paid him back by cancelling the direct debit and sending £5.00 of loose change every month by recorded delivery and insisting on a statement every month, the cost of postage was about £3.50 but it was worth it. I did inform the judge and she sent him a “for the avoidance of doubt” letter. I would send him a letter telling him to remove your work number from his system.
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