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  1. In which case, don't let them get away with it......lodge a complaint and take it further....
  2. Credit expert is a joke. I keep getting txt and email alerts about 'significant' changes to my account, i log on and view my account and there is absolutely no change whatsoever. My membership was cancelled early this year when I was issued with a new debit card by my bank. I think this is standard procedure. I wouldn't class it an attempt to deny access as you can at anytime request your report by sending them two pounds. However I do agree with you that experian is rubbish with the way they handle these scenarios. A phone call to you would have been more appropriate. I personally t
  3. Recorded delivery is the way to go. Dont give them any opportunities for excuses.
  4. Like other banks Smile has stopped paying back charges until the result of the OFT case. I filed a claim recently but expect a stay on the case by the courts. You have a better chance of getting your money back by filing a claim. The wait is inevitable.
  5. Smile bank put a default against my credit file after they hit me with a load of charges on my current account.The extent of the charges made me unable to keep up to my agreed repayment plan. They paid back all the charges after I challenged them but to date refuse to take the default off. The account balance minus the charges puts me within my agreed overdraft limit. No copy of a default notice was sent to me. They were unable to provide me with a copy even after I requested it. I dont see any other option other than taking them to court. My question is 'Will they need to produce a copy of th
  6. In view of the current scenario with relation to the bank charges, I feel that we should have a petition requesting a lift on the indefinite stay. It could take years:eek: before the banks even start paying up. Not to mention the huge interest they will be raking in on our money during the stay. Any thoughts anyone?
  7. Hello All, I have recently posted on here about having had a default removed by Cap One after taking them to county court. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/129213-cap-one-default.html Capital One have put the default back on (they think they are clever). I am going to take cap one back to court possibly for compensation and am thinking about taking action against experian for letting them play around with my credit record. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. regards F_C
  8. hello All, I have been dismissed recently on sickness grounds. I have been suffering with regular headaches/pressure behind the eyes in the last 2yrs which could be Migraine ( not been diagnosed by GP yet as migraine but have been told could be). My job involves working on a computer for 8hrs and this could be one of the reasons behind the headache. The company I work for followed all the right procedures and dismissed me on sickness grounds. I was sent to see Occupational health and I had to explain to them what the problem was which I did. Occupational health havent contacted
  9. Hi all, This is a general advice post which might be useful to anyone pursuing Capital One for refund of charges or default removal. I received a refund of charges in the past and have recently had the default taken off after a long process. My experience is that Capital One try to play hard and try and elongate the process in an attempt to put you off. I suggest taking them to court asap if you are looking at a quick settlement. regards F_C
  10. My credit card claim was stayed as well but I was told that was because I failed to clearly mention that it was in relation to a credit card account. I had to pay a fee and apply for the claim to be lifted. took a while but I was able to reclaim all the fees from the bank. Have issued my second credit card claim stating clearly......lets wait and see what happens.
  11. My thought is CRA's cannot remove any information from your credit file, they merely store information. The reason I ask you about the charges is because if you plan to go to court then you are better of tying in the default removal with refund of charges similar to bank charges. My personal experience is that the judges are a bit stuck themselves when it comes to default removal.
  12. Send any letters recorded delivery.Did you have any late payment charges on the account?.
  13. You might be better off asking for a copy of default notice (if it is a default).
  14. A click is acceptable as far as I know......because you click on the 'I Accept' button...
  15. Hi All, I got charges refunded by the co-op a while ago after I made a claim. However I did not claim back interest on the charges then. Now I want to take them to court over the default they are refusing to remove. My problem is I cant file a claim purely for removal of default hence i am thinking about claiming the interest on the charges now. Can anyone give me a clue at what interest rate i need to base the claim on. It was a credit card account if that helps. thanks again F_C
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