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  1. Echodale: it sounds like the lady at customer services/complaints has been a bit naughty with me as she only offered me £50 ha ha, but your post just goes to show BankFodder is spot on with the advice given, to ignore Moorcroft and take it straight back to Lloyds to fix. Quite tempted to fire off a CCA request though ( with permission ). Sounds like the non issuing of requested payment books is a regular tactic then, shame on them. Intend: I'd say money is beyond tight! I'm at the 'account holders' just now writing this on their CAG account ( I don't have one ) and I'm freeeeezing! it's 3 degrees Celcius outside and 7 degrees Celcius in here; they've stopped putting the heating on in an attempt to manage the impact of welfare reforms, increased costs of food, meds and other things. I've donated a decent sleeping bag and paid for last weeks pain killers, bought food when I can spare, I can't do too much more as I have my own family and things are tight for me too. Roll on summer I guess. On the money front the account holder was last year migrated from Incapacity to ESA support group ( contribution based ) and since they where migrated there was notice from DWP that the amount they get will not rise for 6 years ( at the 1% increase others get ) as the Incapacity award was higher than the ESA rate that they're on now after migration. So upshot is, a 'freeze' ( very apt ) on income for the following 6 years, all the while everyday costs rise and rise. I don't know where the breaking point is ( I'd have already broken it if was me ) but it can't be far off. In 2013 it got to the point I was nervous about calling round as I was afraid I'd just find a body ( if I had the key that day ), it's awful how people are pushed to the edge. Account holder is a shadow of their former self. At least I can do what I can for them. This website and the people on it are brilliant.
  2. Thank you BankFodder, great advice there. Once it's established that I am allowed to continue to act as correspondent with Lloyds, should I send them a CCA request? I don't know why I haven't before, except perhaps that since a repayment agreement was in place and it was working there seemed no need. The repayments are pretty low though, since the account holder is on long term disabled benefit. The account holder had a repayment schedule with Tesco Visa up until around August 2013 at which point I sent them up to date Inc/Exp details and made it clear things where unlikely to ever change, at which point Tesco wrote back to say all things considered the account was treated as fully repaid, giving a closing balance of £ 00:00 , and surprisingly writing off around £8,500 in the process. That seems pretty amazing to me! p.s. which Lloyds address do you recommend I contact? Lloyds Customer Services BX1 1LT, or the Lloyds Customer Priority Team BN1 4GY? The letter from customer services said the priority team would handle it, but perhaps they're still unaware ( priority team ) as Moorcroft got involved again.
  3. Hi, Quite a long thread but easier to get it all down now and get the situation up to date. I correspond for someone who has a long term mental health issue, as a result of a head injury they received years ago. I've done this for many years without issue. I'm sorry that I have to be quite ambiguous about the person, I hope you don't mind. The person had a payment schedule with LTSB since 2007/2008 and had been paying monthly. It was agreed back in 2007/2008 with LTSB ( pre Lloyds-TSB split ) that I was the point of contact for all communication in the matter and everything was to be addressed to me since contact with the situation causes great distress to the account holder. Recently, as a paying in book was nearing empty, a renewal was requested 2 months prior to it running out, but no paying in book arrived to enable continued payments. Next thing a letter from Lloyds Bank arrived, addressed to the account holders name, against the communication agreement that had been in place all these years with me named as addressee of all correspondence, the letter saying that "as we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan we've transferred your LLOYDS BANK PLC debt to a debt collection agency, Moorcroft Group Plc. We've instructed Moorcroft Group Plc to arrange collection of the outstanding amount" ; then 4 days later a letter, again addressed to the account holder, arrived from Moorcroft stating they had been instructed by LLOYDS BANK PLC to collect an overdue amount ( the figure showing the total outstanding balance ) and went on to state the purpose of the letter. Interestingly, both the first Lloyds Bank letter and the Moorcroft letter both came in envelopes with the same return address on the backs being Po Box 17, Stockport SK1 4AJ. I thought that was pretty odd. I wrote back on behalf of the account holder pointing out that a repayment agreement was already in place and had been since 2007/2008, and that Lloyds Bank had by way of not issuing a replacement paying in book when requested, caused a non payment/missed payment situation to arise, forcing a default situation. I pointed out that since Lloyds Bank had caused this situation through their action ( non action ) that it was they that had defaulted/renaged on the agreement that was in place and made note of fair practices guidelines etc, also asking them to ask Lloyds again on return for a new paying in book so that payments could recommence. I requested Moorcroft contact their 'client' to confirm this and requested they hand the account back to Lloyds. Six days later another letter from Moorcroft arrived, this time in a bright yellow envelope, and again addressed directly to the account holder, asking for them to send within 7 days a payment proposal. Around a week or so later ( 27th November ), a letter arrived from Lloyds Customer Priority Team in Brighton, AGAIN addressed directly to the account holder, saying that due to the situation they would now manage the account. Included was an I & E sheet which they requested be completed, and suggested phoning them would be easier. They ended the letter saying they would hold action for 28 days from the date of the letter and stated that if they had not heard from the account holder in that time that they would either telephone of write again in order to maintain regular contact and keep the records up to date. On the 3rd December a letter from Lloyds Customer Services ( BX1 1LT ) arrived finally addressed to me as per the long standing account holders wishes, the letter said they where keen to investigate the concerns raised and suggested I phone them, going on to say that they would mark the 'complaint' [?] as closed two weeks on from that date but they'd re-open the complaint and review the situation if I came back to them with the required information. Am I missing something? what information? in any case I did not call them, it seemed nonsensical. 19th December another letter from Lloyds Customer Services arrived, again addressed to me, ( so at least they're getting that right ), The letter thanked me for letting them know of my concerns regarding the account, then went on to bullet point a few statements in my letter to them ( apparently, even though it was Moorcfroft I'd written to ) The first bullet point statement was actually incorrect as it said " you have opened a letter addressed to XXXXX despite agreeing with Lloyds that all correspondence should be addressed to you" [sic] The actual statement was that I had read an OPENED letter ( letter had been opened by the addressee and resulted in avoidable mental trauma/distress ) The two further points where correct. The letter apologized for what had happened, but went on to say they could not find anywhere on the system a letter of authority allowing correspondence to be addressed to me ( sent to the account holders address I might add ), but goes on to say they have contacted the customer priority team who have agreed to manage the account given the customers health issues. The letter confirms a paying in book was finally issued ( arrived a week ago I think and a payment was sent to include the missed payment plus that month, so all up to date ) But, then the letter gets confusing sayng the account has now been passed to Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited to manage, however once a letter of authority is returned I could contact Lloyds to have the account considered to be brought back in-house for Lloyds to manage. In acknowledgement of the issue, they offered £50 for my time and the confusion caused, and to take that offer up I was to contact them on the letter headed details ( presumably telephone ) but I have not called. They state I have the option to contact the FOS if I so wished, and the letter is signed in ink. Nearly there... 8th Jan a letter from Moorcroft arrives addressed directly to the account holder, saying that they acknowledge receipt of payment against the account, which they note was "direct to our client" ( the payment being made to Lloyds using the Lloyds issued payment book as per the agreement with Lloyds TSB ) the letter goes on "We would refer you to our recent letter which informed you that we were now responsible for the collection of your account and would therefore ask you to contact us within 7 days of the receipt of this letter with an offer of repayment It is important that all payments are made directly to us in order that we can ensure that your account is administered correctly. This will assist in ensuring that no further collection activity will commence. Any payment must be attached to this letter and made payable to "Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd". Alternatively please see contact details below" What the heck? I'm really confused now, I thought with the payment book arriving and a payment having been made as per agreement that things where back on track, but now Moorcroft are saying they want payment sent to them and made out as payable to them and not Lloyds as per the Lloyds payment book and Lloyds comment that the Lloyds customer priority team would be dealing with it in-house. I have signed the NEW authorisation request that Lloyds sent but I'm having trouble getting the account holder to sign it as they ( the acc holder ) is saying that if they sign it that constitutes a new agreement or agreement to a variation of the in place agreement etc. The account holder wants me to send a *condition agreement letter to Lloyds or a CCA request to them and ignore Moorcroft. * I've since read about a conditional agreement 3 letter process online, but it seems rather sketchy and related to FMOTL rubbish, although to a degree seems valid ( and acts in much the same way a CCA request is a request to see that a valid lawful agreement is in place, but the conditional agreement thing seems to go a step further and borders on questionable. ) I can only think ( being generous here ) that Lloyds have 'lost' the correspondence agreement from 2007/2008 at some point in the splitting up of Lloyds Bank and TSB. The account holders situation has never changed apart from money getting tighter and tighter due to rising costs and welfare reforms. They've not worked in years and are in recipt of DWP ESA being in the contribution based Support Group ( unlikely to ever work again ). Any ideas what I should do? or which to contact ( Lloyds or Moorcroft )
  4. Hi, as the title says... I was low-balled with a cheque in the post ( I'm not cashing it as that could be seen as me accepting the pre accident valuation ) As suggested by a few people, I gathered up a number of adverts for same age and mileage vehicle to send to the third party insurer to show there is no way I'd be able to manage to replace like for like locally with the cheque value they sent me. I've heard nothing since. It's been a good 3 weeks or more with no letter or call saying they do not accept my evidence or that they do and are raising the payout. How long do they have legally to either payout the true value, or at least inform me they're sticking to their original offer? The firm who had the bike in for assessment ( Bikers Legal Direct ) say they're negotiating with the third party insurer, but maybe that's just a stall tactic or they're just in cahoots and hoping I accept the first stupidly low offer? The man from BLD said it could take months!? as they're ( third party ) very busy. Well funny how they assessed my bike, had it inspected by the third party's engineer and third party got a cheque out to me in under 3 weeks first time round. I hate not knowing. I'm stuck in no mans land. I need to dismantle my written off bike to use many of it's good ( new ) parts to rebuild the same model replacement bike that I've bought with my own bank balance. I can't make a start stripping and rebuilding things until I get an answer regarding payout from the third party insurer either way, as it might get to the stage where my insurance company want to take the bike away to get their opinion of it, or maybe even an independent inspector. So I can't touch my bike until I know what's happening re third party offer/pre accident valuation. Also of course,it means I'm without my own transport for the duration, yet the third party insurers take the view that since they've sent me a cheque, then I no longer qualify for reimbursable travel expenses to my ongoing physio appointments. Time is of the essence as winter is approaching as I'm stripping and building these bikes outside in the elements ( no cover ). If it drags out too long, winter will indeed be here, and I'll have to abandon any hope of becoming mobile again until spring. I cannot strip and rebuild a bike in the wind and rain and cold. Rain and oil don't mix.
  5. To answer an above question, nope, not in any club. I used to be in the MSN online forum CB500 club, but it was shut down by MSN years ago when MSN ditched all their online forum groups. Which I've been told will cost ME in the region of £100, and whatever the independent inspector says is the value, goes, without recourse. The bike is back at my home now. I've done my bit by keeping the insurers storage costs down. I've since had another spanner in the works too. Since the third party insurer has sent a cheque, my solicitor says it would now be VERY difficult, if not impossible to continue to claim travel expenses to my physiotherapy sessions that the insurer, or my solicitor arranged ( a company called Premex sorted it on behalf of third party insurer or my solicitor insurer ) I was block booked by them for 7 sessions, I've had 3 so far ( one a week, lasting half an hour ) so I have 4 more to go. The physio is 5.6 miles from my home, and based in a rural location ( the person works from their home ). The only way I can get there and back is by taxi, and it costs £30 per return trip. Looks like I've no choice now other than to pay the remaining £120 travel costs to attend the physio that the insurer or solicitor arranged for me. If I don't go , it'll be viewed as hindering my recovery and has big knock-on effects. Great eh. Oh.. I got my medical report back on Friday. My hip injury is never mentioned in any of it, yet this is the injury getting the most attention at physio, and it's clearly mentioned every day in the pain diary I have been keeping since the accident. I don't understand how it's been missed off the medical report, and based on a letter from solicitor regarding a previous omission from medical ( i forgot to tell doc about all my hobbies etc ) they've said the doctor is not willing to amend the report. So, looks like my hip injury will not receive any consideration in the whole injury compensation lark, yet it's mentioned in my diary from the date of accident every day, it's in my medical records from the following day, and in my physio therapists paperwork too. I'm getting better, but since it appears I'm going to have to rely on any injury compensation to add to the funds to purchase of a replacement motorcycle, it's probably important it gets included. Not that it's going to happen any time soon though as I guess I'll be waiting a minimum 6 months before I'm expected to have recovered ( as it states in the medical report, which has not yet been submitted to the third party insurer, I've only got the report Friday and was asked to check it over )
  6. I totally empathise with the OP. I'm going through this rubbish at the moment with my motorcycle. I was hit from behind whilst I was stationary at a mini roundabout giving way by a 4x4 doing approx 30mph. The 4x4 drivers insurer assessed my bike, wote it off CAT B, then said it was worth £800, let me keep the bike for £80 ( i wanted it back regardless ) and then sent me a cheque for £720. ( which I will NOT be cashing ) I contested as soon as I found out how much the insurer said my bike was worth as I knew straight away there was no way on earth I'd manage to buy a like-for-like bike in the same condition to replace my own, and sure enough, having trawled through ebay and auto-trader, I'd be lucky to get a totally *worn-out* one for that price. It's a crappy situation to be put in. I forwarded half a dozen ebay and auto-trader adverts to the company who had the bike for assessment and they said they will forward those to the insurer to see what happens. The CLOSEST bike for sale ( same make as mine ) so far has been 65 miles away, but was in a pretty poor state. Just to rub things in deeper, my solicitor has informed me that because the insurer has sent me a cheque that they believe covers the cost of replacement, that I can now no longer recover any further travel expenses. I was originally offered a courtesy/hire bike, but due to injury was unable to meet the criteria to use one ( if you get one, you have to be fit enough to ride it, and show you need it ), and now that the insurer has sent a cheque, I no longer qualify for a hire bike so have no transport, and none likely for the foreseeable future. The insurer or solicitor arranged physiotherapy for me, but it's 5.6 miles away from my home, it's in a rural location and the appointments are always in the evenings. As I have nobody to call on for a lift, I have no option other than to use a taxi. The return fare is £30 each session. I don't know why the insurer didn't just choose a physio in the town where I live! I have 4 more physio session booked by the insurer/solicitor still to attend, so I'm going to be a minimum of £120 out of pocket for those. If I don't go to any more, the solicitor has said that would be viewed as non-co-operation ( to aid recovery ) and things would all come crashing down. I've had to tell the solicitor that I'm going to have to consider ABI and FOS intervention as I feel I'm being severely stuffed by the insurer and all the knock on effects. So.. totally empathise with OP.. why should an innocent party be made to suffer, have to jump through endless hoops and be left out of pocket when absolutely none of the situation is their fault.
  7. Hi, I'm in a pickle and none of it is my fault. here's the snippet from the long post below to catch your attention... " I'm wondering if I can LEGALLY pursue recompense directly from the driver of the 4x4 that ploughed into me? After all, it was HIS actions that caused the damage to my property ( motorcycle ) and since his 'paid for' representetive ( insurer ) has shown they are only looking after their own pockets, with no regard for my own, I need to find a way to regain the shortfall. Surely HE is still legally open to prosecution and accountable for causing damage and financial loss to my possessions, since it was his action that created the damage in the first place." On the 24th August, I was on my loved and cherished motorcycle, I was stationary at a mini-roundabout giving way to a vehicle on my right ( obeying the highway code ), when a 4x4 driver following on behind me decided for whatever reason, ( perhaps too busy chatting to his recently picked up passengers ) that he wasn't stopping. Not seeing my bright flourecent yellow jacket, or white helmet, or illuminated brake light, he ploughed into me at approx 30mph. Of course I go fltying like a rag doll and my bike is punched forwards hard and ends up on it's side 15 metres away ( with me about 8 to 10 metres away once I'd bounced my head off his bonnet )........ Clearly a case of his driving with undue care and attention ( for which he's being prosecured ) and me being the completely innocent non-fault participant. There's the background. Next morning ( after ambulance police etc as it was evening ) I call Bennetts Bike Insurance (the people who I bought my insurance from , who sold me a policy underwritten by Aviva ) and let them know what happened. They put me through on phone to their claims handlers ( Minster Law ) who then start the injury side of things rolling and arrange a company called BLD ( Biker Legal Direct ) to come collect my damaged bike. ( we're getting there, bear with it ). I check the bike over beforehand, noting down broken parts, checking up on their replacement costs using the parts numbers etc so I'd have an idea of what was happeing or likely to. A few days later, ( bank holiday Monday ) BLD arrive and take bike away for assessment, and offer me a hire bike for my use in the meantime, but of course I'm battered up and can barely move let alone attempt to ride a motorcycle, so have to pass. 18 days later, I get a phone call from BLD telling me the at-fault parties insurer has written my bike off as uneconimical to repair ( protecting their pockets ) and classed the bike category B ( never to be used on the road again, salvage for parts only ) and then go on to tell me the third party insurer placed a pre-accidnt value of my motorcycle at just £800 ( including the just fitted £165 luggage box ), so actually only a pre-accident BIKE value of £635 !!! for a just mot'd, fully serviced, in tip top condition ( better than 95% same year and miles condition bike with new luggage sytsem fitted etc ) which is a RIDICULOUS! figure to state. I've searched high and low and based on the prices that much rougher condition bikes are being sold for, mine ought to be closer to £1,500-£2,000 pre-accident value, due to it's near immaculate physical and mechanical condition, plus the fact it's a desireable year, colour and model as it's become collectable. It's not my personal opinion, but a fact that to find the same model, registered year, with the same or near as same mileage on it, in the CONDITION my bike was in, is almost impossible. It was an on going restoration nearing completion as the bike model and year is considered a modern classic ( apreciating in value as they are so rare and was the first year production of that model, and same colour as in the literature sales brochures etc ) Also not taken into account was the fact it had literally just had a full service and had just had ( 20 miles before accident ) a new £100 drive chain fitted. In all, I'd spent around £600 - £900 on the bike ( all parts, no labour costs ) in the last year alone in my ongoing mission to bring it up to totally new showroom condition. The advice I've been given is to find a number of adverts of the same model and year bike for sale, in the same condition, for sale at dealerships, and send the links and prices off to the third parties insurer. The PROBLEM I have with that ( apart from having to fight through this when I'm a victim in this ), is that it's impossible to find a dealership selling an 18 year old bike in their showroom, that is in the same condition as mine is/was with similar mileage. They just don't appear! heck, it took me three years of searching just to buy my bike back in 2004. Dealers only keep vehicles up to a certain age in their showrooms fo rsale. Choosing to search private sellers, is also not much better, as again, the problem is, I've not yet found a bike of same age, in same condition with similar miles for sale at all. You're meant to search your own local area as that's where you'd be buying a replacement from, yet the only bike even close to mine condition and age wise is over 240 miles away and I'm unable to verify that by seeing it in person with it being so far away. ---- I'm going to side-step the whole ABI obligations thing that the third parties insurer isn't meeting ( in them not repairing my bike to the condition it was prior to accident or offer enough funds for me to replace my bike in a LIKE for LIKE condition, putting me in the same position possession (vehicle ) wise and financially that I was prior to the accident ) --- This thought popped up... We have ( vehicle ) insurance cover because the law say we need to. Insurance is basically an entity or person willing to step in financially ( for the yearly fee we pay them ) to compensate any person that we might cause financial loss or damage to. They are not legally accountable for causing damage, only the person who causes damage to others possessions can be legally accountable fo rthat action. So... If the person/people ( in this case, the persons appointed and paid for/contracted insurer ) is unwilling to meet the full costs of repair or adequately compensate and avoiding their obligation to adequately recompense a victim ( me, in this case ) because it would cost THEM ( the insurer ) too much money, then surely I ought to be able to legally go after the person who caused the damage in the first place, since his 'representetive' is clearly not going to deal fairly and properly, becuase they're looking out for their own pockets with no regard for my property or finances. Leaving it as is, would mean me ( the innocent party ) is left severly out of pocket and having endured the emotional stresses and strains of what has happened, left to find my own way to find a replacement bike ( without my own transport to do so ), and to suffer the financial costs in doing so ( when I had no intention of looking for another vehicle or wish to incurr the costs involved ) I'm wondering if I can LEGALLY pursue recompense directly from the driver of the 4x4 that ploughed into me? After all, it was HIS actions that caused the damage to my property ( motorcycle ) and since his 'paid for' representetive ( insurer ) has shown they are only looking after their own pockets, with no regard for my own, I need to find a way to regain the shortfall. Surely HE is still legally open to prosecution for causing damage and financial loss to my possessions, since it was his action that created the damage. Would it be a small claims court affair? ( less than £5,000 ) and how would I go about it? I haven't even gone into how the estimate for repairs that BLD produced was pushed up nearly £1,000 by them including items on the estimate that where NOT damaged in the accident.... thus the estimate reaches a repair figure beyond what an insurer would class as acceptable or viable, and therefore writes the vehicle off as uneconomical to repair. The whole process is twisted and shady I think.
  8. Phew that's a big weight off my shoulders then, I'll just post in my regular payment and hope it all sorts itself out. I too am in Scotts situation ( less the PPI as it's a credit card so I dont think I had PPI, no idea how to check really ) Tesco Personal Finance have been very understanding, to the point of being reassuring and friendly. That's a nice feeling, and where so many companies get nasty, making you start to wonder how you can be mean back to them, I've never felt this way toward Tesco. I hope things continue that way and they are the first people I'll be settling with as soon as I can get back on my feet finacially.
  9. Hi Having looked again, it took TSB 4 Months to get a new payment book to me. I've since had another letter from CSL DEMANDING IMMEDIATE payment of the outstanding balance or a DEBT COLLECTOR may call or the account could be referred for legal action. This got my back up, how dare they! so I have written them a nice letter, pointing out what they've done wrong and tying them up in knots. My next regular payment to TSB is next week and I'll send it as per usual with my nice new payment book. I'd love to know now, how would I go about suing TSB for breach of contract in the county courts, and how much will it cost me? What paper evidence will I require? Can I drag CSL kicking and screaming into it so they get a spanking too? ( they really are the most obnoxiously blunt debt recovery company I've dealt with yet ) Many Thanks Bob
  10. Hi, question is as title. Have Tesco (visa) Credit Cards changed their payment processing site and company? As long as I can remember I was sending payment to southend on sea at a set rate ( pre arranged ) My latest statement from them is on poorer quality paper, looks to have been inkjet printed ( or poor quality laser printed ) and the payment processing address is pre-printed on the envelope rather than the usual clear window blank one I've always had in the past. The address on the new payment envelope is Tesco Bank Credit Cards IPSL Camberley, PO Box 1020, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 9LB. With an 'if undelivered' return address of PO Box 27027, Glasgow, G2 9FS. The last and all previous payments have gone to Tesco Credit Card, PO Box 5747, Southend-On-Sea, SS1 9AJ. The other strange thing is that the giro slip says HSBC Bank plc, Head Office Collection Account, Tesco Bank. ( I've never noticed that before so it might always have been that ) I cant check the payment slip sort code and account number against a previous know to be good slip as I don't have any, they get sent with payment via post. Apart from the sudden change of payment destination and 'if underlivered' return address, poorer paper and printing quality, without warning and for no obvious reason to me, they are no longer asking me for my regular £5 payment, but over five thousand pounds, to reach them by 22nd June 2012. All other details re balance etc appear correct on the statement. My worry is... am I about to be fleeced? or HAVE Tesco changed where payments get processed and they've not bothered to tell us? and if it IS legitimate, why on earth would they just decide they want so much and not tell me what they where going to do beforehand? it was quite a shock. My circumstances have not changed at all. ------ Is there something in the water lately? TSB did the nasty on me recently also by passing my account with them onto Credit Security Limited without warning even though I had an instalment agreement in place with them ( I posted previously here about that )
  11. I think it'd be COBS , as it's a repayment agreement for a lloyds tsb credit card balance.What letter would I send to Credit Security Limited? and if none, what would the repercussions be from them or as a whole?
  12. Hi, I've been paying Lloyds TSB a regular set amount via payment book every month for well over a year, possibly two. Recently ( 2 months ago ) I made a payment ( which is always made via my local Lloyds TSB branch ) and I enclosed a letter requesting a new payment book be sent to me as that payment was the last slip in the current book, ( so giving them a month to get one to me so I could continue as normal ) 2 months pass and still no payment book, I start to think maybe they've just scrapped the account, but then get a letter from them ( which was forwarded to me via a letter from my local C.A.B as TSB had sent them it, as my C.A.B had previously been dealing with the account ) requesting the 2 months missed payments. I wrote back to TSB again asking for a new payment book so that I can make the payments, and finally three weeks later a new book arrives. On the very next day, I make a payment which included the two missed months plus this months payment. Then... a few days ago, I get a letter from Credit Security Limited, The Old Court House, High Street, Whitchurch, Bucks, HP22 4JS saying they've been instructed by their client to recover the outstanding debt; going on to say that unless there was a valid reason for non payment, then the full outstanding balance was due within seven days. That's a bit rich!....... how can Lloyds TSB cause the delay in payment ( by not sending a payment book when requested in good time ), then use that as an excuse to farm out the account to a debt enforcement office? That smacks of rule breaking to me or guidance breaking at a minimum. Also rather cheekily the CSL letter is dated 25th May , I get it 28th May, and there's this whole jubilee thing going on so extra bank holidays etc that conviently fall into their 7 day request. What should I do ? My next payment to Lloyds TSB using the new payment book is due in a couple of weeks.
  13. she's called them twice a week every week and it takes around half hour to get through each time, she's at her wits end now that they've said they're only backdating 8 weeks ( it's not enough to cover all the loans she's had off her friends and me etc )
  14. Hi, I'm asking this question on behalf of my sister as she cannot get 5 mins to ask herself ( battling with a tantrum toddler currently ) My sister claimed Child Tax Credits back in Feb 2011 to seamlessly follow on from previous years payments. She's a single mum (divorced) and has a disabled child, plus looks after ( has legal custody/charge of etc ) her 2yr old grandson ( long story but not required here ) To the point now, As of today, she is STILL waiting for her Child Tax Credit award/payments. She rang again this morning and they said they will start paying on th e13th of this month, but will only be backdating it 8 weeks. She told them that was unacceptable as she has a letter off them dated 25th May 2011 saying they would be paying her from 2nd March 2011. The woman on the phone said call back in 2 weeks. That seems a LONG time for someone to just look at their screen ( all current data should be available ) to correct the issue, and it sounds more like a delay tactic to me. Where does my sister stand? and what can she do about them having taken 18 weeks and 3 days to giver her a decision/process the child tax credits? I know there was an early delay at the start of this as the Child Tax Credit people wanted a letter forwarded to them from the DWP Child Benefit department with regard to the 2yr olds custody/status, and that probably took 2 weeks to get to them as my sister had to first request it from the Child Benefit people so she could forward it on. In the meantime, she has been living off income support, and borrowing money off friends and me to pay for diesel ( she lives 5 miles out of town in the country with no public transport ) and to cover her regular usual DD's at the bank, and she has on plenty of occasions incurred overdrawn charges due to those payments going out ( car insurance, phone line rental, ISP fee etc ) as what she is getting does'nt cover anything when she's got 3 boys at home with her ( 17yr so not included in Child Tax malarky ) 16yr with Learning Disability and Soto's syndrome ( he's JUST been reawarded DLA , again after quite a delay due to his consultant/specialist taking his time to send evidence or something ) and finally the 2 yr old grandson she has legal custody over and gets child benefit for. Sorry this is a can of worms.. We should just concentrate on the main question on where my sister stands with regards to backdating payments, and whether she should accept another 2 weeks delay before phoning them back. I'm out of cash to help her, and I think her friends are giving her a wide berth too now. She's had her allocation of emergency loans from DWP this year due to this situation, so no help there now either. Rock and a hard place. Sorry it's a long post, but thought I'd best put all the circumstances and detail in to save time. Also, she's had to park her car up on th edrive now as her MOT has run out and as the car needs some work, and she's no money coming in to cover it, she's stranded in the stix. ( although she has managed to get into town twice since losing use of the car from begging for lifts of people in the village )
  15. Hi, My friend has just gone through a medical with Atos, which went fine I gather. Three days later, my friend got a letter saying as they have a particular condition, they would not be required to attend a medical ( lol ) My question is this, how would my friend obtain a copy of the IB85 even though they do not need it for an appeal etc. purely for information, which may be useful when the switchover to ESA happens. Figuring what's written on the IB85 might be of use next time, as whatever was written caused the 'no need to attend' letter to be sent out. ( this happens every time apparently ) They are not able to use they telephone, and I have been told previously that I cannot do it over the phone on their behalf without prior written consent. Is there a particular letter or place that needs writing to in order to receive a copy of the completed IB85? Atos's own address? or the local DWP office? who would have it? I'm imagining a letter written by me, but countersigned by my friend, and have the copy of IB85 sent out to his address may be enough? many thanks.. Bob.
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