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  1. I have 3 x payday loans. Wonga UkLoanstore QuickQuid My 3 month plan to pay them back was severly affected by my wifes maternity being cut 3 x months short. This meant having to re-arrange the repayments of 800, 1050 and 1300. First thing I did was to let them all know in advance, cancel my debit card and any recurring payments or continous payment authority, (CPA's). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17870704 If you cancel your debit card details then these companies will still attack your account and take whatever they whenever they want. This means cancelling the
  2. when should this be done? I owe them money on 4/3/2013. Do I contact them now or 3 days before or after the repayment date? confused .com
  3. http://moneyaware.co.uk/2012/07/how-to-cancel-a-continuous-payment-authority-cpa-on-a-payday-loan/
  4. this CPA or recurring payment is scary. The FSA have told the banks that if someone requests to cancel a transaction at the bank then this MUST be completed and therefore if any further transactions are taken from the account then this would be an unauthorised transaction. The banks are frequently telling the customers to contact the retailer or payday loan company to cancel this CPA or recurring payment. The direct debot scheme offers more protection than the Continuous Payment authority. This is why even when we cancel our debot card and have no direct debot set up they can just take as much
  5. i thought this could only be done 3 days before the repayment date?
  6. what is the cpa that needs cancelled - what does this abbreviation stand for?
  7. if you go onto their live chat and if your account is in arrears, (one day over re-payment date) they have a legal obligation to offer you a longer payment plan and freeze the interest. 4 x month is offered if your account is not late yet. as you have defaulted you can arrange payments to suit you. change your debit card details and account details if possible>
  8. QQ will allow the amount to be split into 4 x payment pre default and more the day after the amount is due after you speak to collections dept
  9. the information on this post is very useful as I plan to default on my quick quid loan this month as my circumstances have changed a lot. I have asked them not to contact my work> i hope it works. I have e-mailed them now asking for an instalment plan but if they refuse do I just default on it and use the live chat and ask for collections?
  10. I would be happy for them to continue the collections process so long as they did not contact me at work. Cancel debit cards, change bank details and let the collections team come back and beg you for the 50.00 per month
  11. Great advice, What is the e-mail method of contact? Is this on the homepage? Mine is due on 4/3/2013 so I contact them on the 1st?
  12. My circumstances have changed in our household income is being drastically reduced and my 3 x month payback plan is now null and void. I now plan to 1 - contact wonga, quickquid and ukloanstore. 2 - cancel my debit card 3- ask the bank to change my sort code and account number 4 - hope they do not call my work as everyone will know my business. I have seen on other forums that quickquid are relentless at this. I wish to keep all comms to e-mail. what is the best course of action and what template to use for no phone calls?
  13. if you successfully negotiate a repayment plan with these companies do they : call your work? slap a default on your credit file? JB
  14. Hi, I am About to Voluntary Terminate my finance agreement after paying over half. The Car has developed serious faults. According to BVRLA 's fair wear and tear guidelines and Customer services Mechanical aspects of the car are not checked merely exterior and interior appearance of the car. The rep is due to collect the car early next month. I thought the rep was going to put the car on the back of a transporter but it turns out the rep is to drive the car away. Upon startup/driving away the rep will see that there are faults. Question: Can I just give all documents/v5/mot/
  15. Santander, Black horse and other Car Finance suppliers prefer to accept finance from reputable dealers preferably with large turnover. This is just what they do. If they accept 50-200 applications in one day from Car Supermarkets, they are more likely to accept customers with less favourable credit due to the amount of applications. Also at large car supermarkets the customer is more likely to accept 10-15% APR as opposed to the smaller retailer.
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