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  1. Lowell said it was now nothing to do with them. I even offered payment but they said speak to BW legal because it hasn't been their debt since July. I thought BW legal solely acted on part of a client to represent them legally? Now I am paying BW legal via a payment plan.
  2. Spoke to Lowell about the debt but they were unaware about the Stat demand. Said it was passed to BW legal in July & wasn't anything to do with them anymore. Is there any way I could find out if this debt was sold to BW legal?
  3. But are they acting correctly by informing the court their acting on the behalf of Lowell when in fact there really acting for themselves. It states on the court papers that Lowell are the respondent & DCA.
  4. This is a little confusing. I lost the case to have the Stat demand set aside. I rang Lowell & asked if I could set up a payment plan but they have said it's not their debt it belongs to BW legal. So why does the witness statement & court details say that the respondent is Lowell? Why are BW legal saying there acting on the behalf of Lowell when Lowell know nothing about it?
  5. Any help on this one? No default notice was ever sent & BW Legal solicitor admitted this. The judge still dismissed my set aside appeal. Is this correct?
  6. Went to County Court to have the Statutory Demand set aside. Lost! The judge said that even though a default notice wasn't issued that that alone wasn't enough to set aside.
  7. I have now but no breakdown of what I supposedly owe or a default notice.
  8. Didn't receive CCA request No breakdown of what I supposedly owe. Possible unfair charges
  9. When looking through the correspondence there is only a notice of assignment from Lowells.
  10. http://s640.photobucket.com/albums/uu129/louisd77/?action=view&current=SCAN0011.jpg
  11. Littlewoods. I signed the agreement in February 2007.
  12. Hi, Was sent Statutory demand in July by Lowells. Asked for it be set aside & have a date in November. I asked for the CCA in late July & any other information they had regarding the account but received nothing within the 12+2 days. Today I finally received a copy of the agreement with a default notice. What should the agreement include? Lowells say I owe over £4500 but have only sent a supposed transaction sheet which certainly does not add up to £4500. Is there any defense against the statutory demand?
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