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  1. BTW I happen to know where they live, however I dont feel I will get blood from a stone. Are the coucil involved not aiding and abetting by paying housing benefits for another property when they just abandoned this one?
  2. I dont see us getting any monies from the ex-tenants. however i do feel that HB should pay, whats the law with that. They have been fully involved with these clients. Whilst they cannot be held resposible for their actions they can be accountable for the HB.
  3. We were notified by a concerned neighbour that the property had been abandoned in early Jan. The tenants were not working and in receipt of HB. They had been introduced to us by a Local Authority Housing Scheme and been fast tracked through with HB which was being paid directly to me. The standard assured shorthold agreement was witnessed by Housing Officer and they were very much involved in this threeway process. When we let then know they have abandoned the property, for reasons unknown, they say 'Oh Dear' well you can claim for a months rent. As the rent was oaid in arrears, that only t
  4. there is an online system for disputes but you have to give all of your evidence first. I cannot do this as i will be requesting info from them first. So i write to the PO Box processing centre of to the Council? Do I write at this stage that i am disputing the ticket?
  5. Maybe i should not have used the perminology of being 'broken down'. With no headlights, side lights, hazards or flashers working it would have been unsafe and unroadworthy for him to have driven. Not mechnics though and couldnt get anyone to give attention to first thjing the next morning.
  6. The PCN was issued code 30 for being parked longer than was permitted. The restriction was an hour parking from 8am-5pm. So they claim it was issued at 9.10. The driver was actually with the vehicle adressing the electrical fault and /or setting off from that car park. No ticket was attached to the vehicle. The ticketing officer never made any contact with the driver, nor tried to attach a ticket, nor even gave any interest whilst the driver was insitu. No scanner-sorry If a car has broken down and its being addressed, can they still give tickets?
  7. To clear up any confusion, the restrictions started at 8am, but allowed for an hour parking. This meant that parking was within restrictions up until 9am. I disagree that we were driving away because there was never any interest from the ticket officer whilst we were with the vehicle. The area i notice is CCTv'ed and we actually had a wheel cover stolen from the vehicle at some point during its 'laid up' period.
  8. Hi, I have just had a letter of 'Notice to Owner' with regards to an unpaid PCN. The details are correct with regards to Vehicle details but I do want to challenge as i think that they are wrong in issuing, for several reasons. Firstly the vehicle was loaned to a Family member as bigger room for transporting goods. There was never a ticket attached to the vehicle, hence it not being paid or brought to light that there was indeed a PCN! The vehicle was parked in an unrestricted area from 8pm until 9am the next morning, which was within the restrictions. The vehicle
  9. Thanks Yes I have contacted them and someone is calling me back. Still after letter templates re; rules of engagement cheers
  10. Ok so for those of you who had replied to this thread, would you still say that solicitor representation is essential? Also taking into account the sum of money involved? Thanks
  11. We are in the East Mids. I thought i would mention that the amount in question is a shade over £1000 which is why it will be the small claims court and we have not hired a solicitor. If were going to could we claim for their fees if we win outright? What if the judge did a 50/50 type win Could the opposition not only claim for there originally alleged fee + solicitors fee if they win? Any Rules of Engagment Letter templates would be good please
  12. Ok can anyone recommend a good solicitor in this field? I can at least contact them about this Thanks
  13. You guessed right!! We continued our claim directly with the insurers and proved that our third party imtermediaries had infact got it right first time, then for no apparent reason, had that offer lowered to our detriment, through their misinformation. So OK we all make mistakes, but these guys refused to see that they had. They seemed happy with the fact that we had got ANY settlemnt not THE BEST possible settlement based on correct information. We have proven this, (though we have never disclosed this to them-should we?), by dealing directly proving them wrong and being awarded a high
  14. Hi, I really need some sound legal advice with rather an unusual case basically about breach of contract. The company in question was hired to help us claim for being mis-sold an endowment. They can be referred to a third party claims handler. We have since discovered that their practices were regulated by no-one in an official capacity. On a voluntary level they were pretty much self regulated by a body that there top guys sat on the board of! More recently they are regulated by The Ministry of Justice, who cannot take on rhetrospective cases but do offer civil legal advic
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