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  1. Thank you for all your posts and helpful advice. I got in contact with Bristol and Sutor and told them everything, what I was prepared to do (not how much I wanted to pay per month, wanted to see what they said) I got a letter through today saying I can pay off at £237 per month. I think i'll try and pay more (just incase I can't afford 100% (but I should be) one month, etc and it looks better) and they're not asking for a what i own priced up thing (can't remember the name) to be paid. The council never replied to my email. But i'm happy to pay through them, they've been reasonable
  2. I will add, I am happy to pay the £42.50 to the bailiff company for his 2 visits. That's their job and they've been instructed to visit me. Ideal scenario for me would be £42.50 to bailiffs and £400 a month to pay off debt direct to council.
  3. Is there a chance the bailiffs will accept a payment plan without me signing one of those 'you can take my stuff if i don't pay' forms?
  4. I tried phoning him with the number he left but no answer. I guess i'd rather deal with the council as I know the money is going to them and it's recorded nicely. I think i'll phone the council and if they say no just keep paying them the £400 a month and keep pestering them saying i'm going to pay them and not the bailiff. Tell the bailiff if he comes round nicely but firmly I'm not going to have anything to do with him and that I've already started paying the council. Once i've shown him that i've given the council £400 he should get the idea i'm not going to deal with him. My other que
  5. Thanks for your reply WD. On past experience is it likely for him to pop in once a week for 6 weeks, once a day or what?
  6. One other thing, my bailiff form through the door isn't filled out where it says To prevent further visits you must immediately pay the sum of: ........ This includes a charge of £...... for my visit today. The rest of the form is filled out
  7. Thank you for all the answers so far. I've moved my car in to a local carpark for today and will have to see if i can change the name on it temporarily. I guess through my own embarrassment I really wanted to not let any one else know but I guess i'll have to swallow my pride and ask for a bit of help from a friend. It's Wokingham borough council and Bristol and Sutor. How often do you think he'll visit. He's only been once so far and that was on Thursday. Is it likley to be today, a week, a month or really don't know? If when I speak to the council on monday and if they say yes to
  8. Hi, I guess like a lot of people I was scared when I got my notifications about the lapse in my payments to council tax. I was two months late and hid and then it went straight off to me owing the full amount (£1200ish) which I really couldn't afford to pay. Now it's got to the stage where I had a bailiff leave me a letter today saying he came to work out how much my stuff is worth and take it away from me. I'm so scared. I realise entirely what I have done is wrong and i've left it too long for recompense. I'm not denying the fact I owe them money (I believe they're saying aro
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