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  1. Hi CitizenB


    Thanks for looking at my thread.

    Just wanted to ask, is there a thread on here that deals with Investment Fraud.



  2. Hi Citizen B


    Long time since I've been on here, Have a problem if you can help me.

    Purchased a cooker Feb 3rd 2020, it now become faulty.

    Contacted Curry's and was told in a polite way to go away, as the Guarantee had run out by 2 weeks.

    Is there a template letter i could use, as I'm sure there is an extension from the manufacturers when it comes out from the factory. 



    1. citizenB


      Hi Gazza, if you check out a few of the Curry's threads, you are not the only one to be given the heave ho.  There are plenty of examples of how you should make your next move. 



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