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  1. Hi Citizen Thanks for looking at this thread, yes my fault for carrying it on as this was one of the easier ones to deal with at the time. The amount there asking for is £4,200.00, I was just thinking should I start the process again and ask for my original CCA and send them £1 Gaz
  2. Hi dx Thanks for looking at the thread, yes I should off not paid them as this was one of the easiest ones to sort out at the time. But was advised not from this site that they could get the whole lot scrubbed at the time so let them carry on. On hind site should of carried on doing what I did with the other cards. Gaz
  3. Hi All Here's a copy of the letter Moorcroft sent me, I had there first phone call yesterday but didn't speak to them. Just wondering should I start the who process again and ask them for a true copy of the agreement. Gaz
  4. Hi Andy Sorry put the wrong document up I've tried to delete the last two posts where it says Connaught as there have nothing to do with this thread.
  5. Hi All I've not been on here for a while, as its been all quiet on the Western front until now lol. As you all know since 2008 I've been dealing with Natwest, I've been paying a £1 token payment every month until November 2016 when they stopped sending a banking slip, they've now put this account forward to Moorcroft to redeem monies from me. I do need a letter to send to Moorcroft to get them of my back. As soon as I get my scanner working i'll post the letter on here. Gaz
  6. Hi Citizen Thanks for looking at my thread, no you looked at this a few years back. Last payment around August 2008, the default notice was not enough tome to reply. Only an application for which is a different ref number to the one the fighting for. So in all there's not a lot i think they can go on. Watch this space :lol: Gazza
  7. Hi All Hope you all had a fab Christmas and like to wish you all a happy new year. Right, just an update on this thread. After receiving half a dozen letters from 1st credit in a fortnight, they decided to ship this to another company called connaught collections. I've has 4 letters from this company in the last few weeks, telling me i'm a bad person not resolve the matter and bad things will come to me :sad: This is the letter i received today from them. Gazza
  8. Hi DD Yes, i gave a default notice in fact Halifax sent me two default notices Funny thing was the default letter was dated around now in 2008. It's on page 2 of this thread. Gazza
  9. Thank you all for looking at my thread. Yes, Desperate Daniella it's been just over 6 years since i last stopped paying them. I did receive another letter from 1st Credit, stating that there willing to give me a 30% discount . Gazza
  10. Hi All Just a quick up date, since i last posted on this thread i've received 4 letters from 1st credit. Threatening what they might do to me lol. Now is this harrassment there doing as these letters have all come in just over 1 week. Gazza
  11. Hi Brigadier No CCA only an application form with another number that's all. Gazza
  12. Hi All Thanks for the replies, forgot to say its been 6 years since i paid any payment to this account. Gaz
  13. Hi All Not been on here for a while, just need a bit off advice on this. Its been very quiet from 1st Credit, until today when i received a threatagram through the post . They actually want money of me in full or else . Just a quick reminder this account was a Halifax account, then in 2012 they sold it to 1st Credit. Here's what the letter said that came to me today. So just need a bit of advice on what to do next. Gazza
  14. Hi Bazooka Boo Thanks for looking at that for me, yes i'll leave it till after Christmas see what happens. Gazza
  15. Hi Bazooka Boo and all Not put anything on here as i never received anything from 1st Credit till today, when the dreaded letter came flying through my letterbox lol. Just says that i've not responded to there last letter, and i have till the 27th December to reply to them, don't they realize its Christmas lol. Really this company is a pain in the Ar..................., Just need a bit of advise in what to do, like stating they never carried out my instructions in sending me a true copy of the agreement. Here's what the letter said that i received today. Gazza
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