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  1. I started a paypal dispute immediately. I got their decision email a few minutes ago. They have sided with the seller !!! The reason for this is that when I contacted paypal I did it by phone. the girl I spoke to took down the details and said don't worry we will get your money back for you. She said she would put it under the ITEM NOT AS DESCRIBED title even though I said it was as described but is malfunctioning after one week. Paypal's decision was purely based on the fact that they said the item was as described and took nothing I said into consideration. Going to phone them now an
  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can offer some advice with an online shop problem. I bought an E-cig kit from a shop online which I received a week ago. This morning when I turned it on, the screen is faulty - it has like lines all down it right across it. I contacted the shop I bought it from who don't want to know. I was told that even though I had bought a full kit - mod and tank in a sealed box, that he could not take the tank back due to hygiene reasons as it goes in your mouth. I don't get this as I know that vape shops who have faulty goods returned send the whol
  3. I felt that they didn't want to tell me so they wouldn't have to give it. thanks for your help
  4. Yep thats what I have been looking at but i don't know if the income support covers me or would I come under the income related income support for being a carer??
  5. Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this? I spoke to Scottish Power today about an whether I could get this but they said they didn't know. You have to quality on 2 parts. I do receive DLA so would qualify on that part. It also says you can qualify if you receive income support which is where my query lies. I do receive a very small amount of Income Support but I receive it as I have overlapping benefit ( I am a carer and cannot receive full carers benefit). Would that count as income support or would that be income related benefit which include
  6. Thanks for the advise guys. I have written down what was said today and will keep that just in case. They haven't mixed me up with someone else as they asked me questions to prove I was me when I was speaking to them. I just can't believe what they said. Oh we rejected your form but send a photocopy of the same form and we will accept it!!! It's total madness
  7. I am at the point of pulling my hair out here! I received the dreaded ATOS form back at beginning of June. I filled it in as best I could even though my GP said that I should not be filling in any form as I have no insight into a lot of my medical condition. I sent the form back to ATOS by royal mail special delivery which is guaranteed next day delivery and signed for at their end at the end of June. I have heard nothing from them at all until last week I had a really strange phone call from DWP asking me who my GP is and his address which I gave. I have had the same GP for 7 yea
  8. Another wasted day thanks to BT. Called the named person who is dealing with my case - answerphone says he is not back in office until Monday. I then called BT on a number I found which deals with MAC Codes but at the end of the call I found out it was the dreaded customer options team. The girl I spoke to informed me she could not give me a MAC as I already have a valid one. I told her it was not valid as has been confirmed by my new provider and Ofcom to which she said that they are both wrong. She confirmed that she didn't know Ofcom's regulations concerning MACs so I read them to her.
  9. Yep I wont be going mad - just straight to the point. just trying to find the information i need though
  10. Will be contacting them tomorrow but I have read that they do give out dud mac codes. I was trying to find out that because I have fibre at the moment would it make a difference to to the mac code i.e. could it start with O instead of L. I was told by BT that the mac code they gave me was valid until 25th October yet I thought they were only valid for 5 days? I wanted to find this out before I go mad at them tomorrow
  11. I have had a total nightmare with BT, so much that they have agreed that I can leave without incurring penalty charges for breaking contract. I currently have BT Infinity fibre but want to move back to broadband. I was given a MAC Code yesterday by a BT manager and tried to use this with my new provider. Problem is that it begins with the letter O but surely all MAC Codes begin with L ??? I had a look on Ofcom's site and its states that MAC Codes begin with L but what about if you have fibre - will it be different or should it still start with L ?? I have read that BT give
  12. Hi bluntman All I can say is wow that's excellent. Thank you so much will look into that
  13. Hi there Thank you so much for your reply. Yes the interview took place on the telephone. The WRAG advisor called me the day before and I explained the situation. she told me that govt directive states that she must carry out the interview with him. she said that she would do the interview by phone the next day mid afternoon. Good as her word she did call, spoke to him very briefly then spoke to me. I gave her a little background and she said he should never have been put into the WRAG. She said she can see no reason why appeal woud not be won. She said she didn't want to see him
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