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  1. People with endless confidence claiming to be anxious about something to get some attention from their like-minded friends
  2. My local council made me swear today, I put in a simple request, did everything they asked and I find out that six weeks later they haven't even looked at it
  3. I live in Reading where their offices are. Heard quite a few tales of people being unpaid since July. Considering how it's affected the staff who haven't had their wages paid or the number of local "customers" who must have been messed over, our local press has been very quiet about it all until today... http://www.getreading.co.uk/news/business/smartsource-water-company-goes-liquidation-6221069
  4. This http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-23970047 What kind of idiot drives through fog with no bloody lights?
  5. There are a number of advisers at my Job Centre who struggle to use it
  6. Agree. I witnessed Thatcher play divide and rule in my own family (even though we just about got out the other side unscathed). I won't miss her, and I can well understand why some people still hate her many years on...
  7. Yeah I know... not good. I had an agency ring me yesterday offering me some evening work only for them to cancel it a minute into the call. What's the betting when I ring them later on today they'll be saying "There's nothing. I'm really sorry."
  8. Advisor I saw today struggled to get into UJM himself... He did however pass me a vacancy for a shop supervisor. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for thinking outside the box, but I doubt the shop in question will want someone who's been an administrator since the early 90s with very little retail experience, let alone little experience of supervising anyone
  9. Phone call from my Mum. I love her and I know it's not her fault. I know she's got a dodgy hearing aid and can't always hear everything, but I hate having to shout so she can hear me
  10. This... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21326221 A friend of my Mum's hailed from Dublin and absolutely hated nuns. It was only years later she told people that she spent a couple of years in a Magdalene laundry in her teens. (According to the Christian faith, the nuns who ill-treated the women in these places are "in heaven" for "doing God's work" If that's God in action then I don't want to know...)
  11. Sounds like usual speed for Lloyds to me. I know a couple of people who found that lloyds would hassle them for a couple of days on end because their records never updated on time...
  12. ****ing jobhunting (and ****ing agencies in particular ) ... and breathe out
  13. People who don't want to know about anybody else's troubles but expect everyone else to be there for them...
  14. Traffic warden slipping on an icy town centre pavement that his mates at the council can't be bothered to grit
  15. People moaning about the lottery ticket going up to £2 when you know full well they won't stop buying one
  16. Popped into HMV earlier today. Even with a Blue Cross on all their regular stock a lot of stuff still cost a fortune. Which is probably one of the big reasons they're in so much trouble now. I feel sorry for the people in the stores who'll be losing their jobs (even though a lot of them in my recent experience are pretty clueless about the stuff they were selling), but not for the management that got HMV into this mess (It's not a clever idea to spend millions buying Waterstones when you're losing money on your core business)
  17. The **** who did this... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-20997334
  18. This bloody weather.. I have to go out in an hour or so. (Perhaps a paddle might come in handy)
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