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  1. Right to cut a long story short last feb 09 my mum took out a mobile broadband contract with pc world and tmobile which included a free laptop. She took this out on the grounds it was a 12 month contract and her paperwork ie 'T-mobie Consumer Service / Upgade Agreement' states minimum connection period 12 months. She has called t mobile to cancel she was informed contract was 24 months and would have to pay dissconnection fee. She then went to pc world who has shook all resposibility to my mum saying 'everyones paperwork says 12 months' but t mobile sign you for 24 months! My question is what is the standing she has on this? surely her agreement is what they had her sign??
  2. I have said printout from a social networking site the conversation was with my ex girlfriend too wich surely swings in my favour.....
  3. thanks for your imput i do appreciate what you are saying but although i was absent from work i should have been able to take carers / compasionate leave for my fathers care needs but the company refused this on many occassions and i have told my gp who will have documented this when he issued my sicknote. I have never had a disaplinary before with this company and i feel that a dissmissal would be a little excessive for a first offence. it has never been brought to my attention, no action plan and no one has ever mentioned in my supervisions or apprasials about my absence..... I also have evidence of my manager saying she wants rid of the old members of staff from the company who were there before she started from a social network site. Should this be brought up at the meeting?
  4. I got a phonecall at work last wednesday am from head office, recieved letter thurday stating disaplinary will be this tuesday pm (tommorrow) The letter states 4 items to be discussed.... 1, Lying on a drivers declaration for insurance purposes; Question 1 can you be accused of lying when the form states : "I, the undersigned, hereby do declare and warrant that the above statements and particulars are true and within my knowledge there is no other material fact which should be disclosed" My problem is that my boss wants rid of me and yes i did indeed have a claim that was not disclosed on the form but i was not aware this claim had actually been paid out as a claim. so i filled out to the best of my knowledge (IS THIS LYING) and as my boss was sitting with me to fill this in should she not have corrected me before faxing it to head office??? Also i declared all my endorsments on the form which total 13 points so why would i lie? see 2. 2, Increase in insurance excess due to poor driving record. I indeed have 13 point which i disclosed above and everytime i have recieved a fixed penalty (never commercially driving) i have approched my manager and informed them. On the last occasion i told my manager and she informed me that if i kept my licence i would keep my job (totting up) and i even had a letter from my employer saying that which was read out in court by my socilitor and that is how i kept my licence. i was in court 7/8/08 so why now. As i have said i have worked for the company for 5 years in august and my other points come off my licence (4years old within 20weeks) so can this be used as ammo now? 2, Concerns about your driving and the safety of our service users I dont understand where this has come from i have never ever had 1 complaint or issue brought to my attention in 5 years of me driving for this company and any of the users of the service would verify that i have the safety and comfort of my passengers in mind with every metre that i travel. 3, Poor sickness record Right i have had a lot of time off over the past year and a half as i am the main carer for my father and its been a very stressful time over the yeah and a half since he has been ill. my mainproblem is that my company often refuse me to have holiday when requested and also refuse to let me have emergency carer breaks when my father needs me if he is confused or ill. I have therefore had to resort to explaining all this to the doctor and he has immediatly issued a sicknote. Not a member of a trade union... no trade union offered at work.... Also tuesday is my day off and also my chosen representatives day off and she has her grandson on tuesdays so not able to attend either... What is considered 'adequate notice' i have not had time to speak to my GP as bank holiday to get written statement from him, Head office is closed today to ajourn meeting and i was at work friday.... so i have had thursday evening, friday evening and tomorrow morning... is that adequate time? how do i adjourn the meeting? At the meeting?? please help Indeed this does not look good for me and i feel that i am going to be dismissed tomorrow any advice would be grateful. Baby blue
  5. this is an old debt from britishgas so cca doesnt apply here i know so i need to pay this i also know they would have paid less than 40% which ive offered but im not paying if its not full and final settlement!
  6. I have a debt for BG with these i have written offering 40% as full and final they have sent me a letter back stating i write in response to your recent correspondence to advise we are prepared to accept **** (which is 70%) as PARTIAL settlement on this account. my question is is Partial settlement the same as full and final settlement?? should i accept 70% of the debt or push for less? babyblue
  7. thanks sosumi you been a great help! i must admit i was thinking about the bemused letter and that post has confirmed it! thanks again i'll keep you posted!
  8. yeah i looked over the consumer direct site but it doesnt say about complaining to trading standards or OFT? do these organisations have a standardised complaint form or does a letter suffice? if its just a letter how should i lay out such letter??
  9. How do i go about doing this this is all new to me!! i have managed fairly well so far but this is new! If you have ideas of how letters should be written templates etc?? You been a great help so far sosumi
  10. yes this is the account i requested my cca from i have a million harrasment letters since and i have replied to various ones and kept all proof of postage and delivery! this accounts cca was requested 9/9/08 account in dispute letter sent 21/10/08 thanks in advance
  11. Not at the mo my printer scanner playing up word for word its headed Knipe Woodhouse Smiths, Solicitors, Commissioners for Oaths UPON THE INSTRUCTION OF OUR CLIENT CREDIT SECURITY LIMITED WE HEREBY GIVE FORMAL NOTIFICATION OF OUR INTENTION TO ISSUE COUNTY COURT PROCEEDINGS FOR NON PAYMENT OF THE ABOVE DEBT If payment is not received WITHIN 7 DAYS a county court claim will be prepared for the issue in AYLESBURY COUNTY COURT. A claim fee plus costs will be added to the ammount you owe. payment options... then minimum ccj charges does this help??
  12. Im still recieving letters from these jokers but i am in need of a letter requesting their complaints precedure as they still threattening me with court action as now it says pay or paperwork will be put before aylesbury cc and they wont let me know so they win by default! im not even in aylesbury! ??
  13. Surely as regular CAGGERS we advise not to speak to these sort of people over the phone we advise over and over again 'We will only communicate in writing' Im subbing this is interesting
  14. Does anyone have template letters to send to them regarding the complaints procedure and templates to send to TS etc? Please help
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