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  1. Thanks very much Rob. Yes, I have taken my initial advice from some of those links and manage to serve to them my detail bill of costs. Now has come to a point where I need to enforce it and nobody has gone that far I think. I am also sick and tired of Restons as you may well remember my battle with them.
  2. Thank you very much PT. I will e-mail them right now. Would be good if they could take it over from me. I am really tired of fighting with this "organisation"after a year long battle.
  3. I have served Restons my bill of costs (following X20 advice) last December after I received the notice of discontinuance from MBNA just before the hearing. I received from Restons later that month a letter with points of dispute to the defendants bill of costs(basically disputing all items of my bill of costs) In January I replied to Restons every disputed point. Last month (30 days latter) I sent another letter remind them that I had no reply to my response to their points of objection. I still have received no reply from Reston and I really don’t know how to take this any further. X20 advise don’t go beyond preparing the bill of costs , does anyone know the next stage to enforce this?
  4. Glad to know the letter was not from AIC. I think you should now make an official complaint about AIC to the Financial Ombudsman and your to your local trading standards office. It will make you feel better and you will be helping to weed out people like them from the debt collection trade. You have to follow complaint procedures, starting with an official complaint to AIC. They may reply but probably not so send it recorded. After 30 days you can file a complaint to the FO. I manage to get £300 as compensation for distress and harassment. The FO is aware about the way they behave. In my case they never reply to letter from FO. The important thing is that the Office of Fair trading will only close them down(not renew the license) after a number of complaints, so is vital that we all make official complaints
  5. The letter, the letter, what about the letter???? please let us know....
  6. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/169958-mbna-abbey-help-please.html#post1833045 There you go, sorry no update on the final moves before discontinuance
  7. Just for the records, Restons Discontinue the claim against me, after I made an application to court for Diane Powell to clarify her WS about a reconstructed CCA being an original one. I am now trying to recover costs from Restons(over £2000) They are being difficult as expected!!
  8. I am still working on the costs schedule! Is a long list, one year of letters(12 to Restons), long hours filling court forms, reading, searching the forum, asking for advice, researching etc.
  9. Today is exactly a year that a received the court claim from MBNA. Today I have received by post the official notice of discontinuance from Restons!!
  10. Hi Mr Happy. Like you, I am also calculating costs with MBNA.Was dealing with them for just over a year. My total figure is very simmilar to yours. I had passed the pre-trial check list stage and also had made an application for further court orders before trial
  11. Thank you very much CB, You were one of the people that helped me a lot in the early days!
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