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  1. Thanks DX But then I am not you. If you look at something and decide it won't work because someone has told you it won't, you will never try. If you are going to play a game and think you won't win, you won't. These DCAs are like any other company. I am not going to take them all on at the same time, just one at a time and only the ones that use fraudulent tactics. You have just told me that 75% of the money DCAs collect was never legally owed in the first place and that is what I am getting at. A lot use illegal ways to defraud people into paying. Like I said, we are not going to the r
  2. Thank you for that. I have people that can assist, but any help is always welcomed. You mentioned CAG was the DCA's nemesis, that is what I mean. On your own you're vunerable, but as a crowd you can become unstoppable. These bad DCAs will continue until they are challenged and put down. A class action will do it. They should start to improve their behavoir now as it is likely that their latest stuff might be passed to us, and they become another subject of our discontent. So if you receive any made up agreements with no dates or signatures, or assignments that don't look right
  3. Thank you, but even the rich are not above the law once you have the people behind it. Just look at what has happened to child abuse by the rich. Many have been pulled down any many more will follow as time goes on. Bankers are starting to feel the heavy fines hurting. They have yet to get to the real people responsible, nevertheless for them there is their karma. Many have committed suicide. The same will happen to the DCAs who use fraudulent activities. It won’t be as hard as the child abuse as the documented proof is already out there in their thousands. We just need to collect t
  4. Thank you Andydd, but this is to take a DCA to task because of their fraudulent behaviour.
  5. There must some companies that work within the correct procedures and laws, I ask them all to stand up and be challenged...
  6. Thank you for your reply and your direction to the Debt Collector’s Bibles. The advice is illuminating and has compounded my view that the company was acting fraudulently. Section 2.2 of the first link states Members stating that they may take legal action as a potential consequence of non-payment must be able to support their claims that this is a viable and legitimate option available to them that, on the basis of current information, they would take if the customer does not engage. If the company cannot support such claims, then they should not threatenthis course of action.
  7. Thank you for your reply, but this was no mistake. The interest part is irrelevant. They presented him with a fraudulent agreement they stated he was party to. They then went on to increase the deception by supplying a fraudulent assignment. He approached a solicitor to represent him and was told the fee was £2,500 for the day. The solicitor said that there was no legal aid and many people with the same problem simply pay up because they know no better and don't want a CCJ etc. The solicitor cannot claim all his expenses from the small claims court so he could not represent him unless he
  8. I have a question for you legal eagles, but first an outline. Recently there was a case of a DCA trying to collect CC debt of £3000 escalated to £8000 by interest. There never was an agreement, only an application which has never been found or presented in any form A DCA tried to obtain this debt by threatening court action. The chap replied do your worst. Court action started. The DCA then sent him some interest summaries and a Credit card agreement between him and a company he had never heard of. This agreement was undated and unsigned. They threatened to
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