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  1. The FOS are looking into this via the underwriter route.
  2. Got mine yesterday:D No people have been told there isn't. But check when you call.
  3. No problem but remember if you win you can still pay the money back to Picture and NOT cancel the PPI and so claim your further no claims bonuses. This may work out more than what Picture refund you for cancelling. But you would need to look into this and work out what is best for you.
  4. If you call the FSCS they will tell you how to file a claim. The FSCS are dealing with mis selling claims slightly different to the FOS as in they go by whether you were given bad advice about the policy. If you have a successful claim then you will receive a cheque for the PPI amount minus any rebates received. You can then use this amount to pay of Picture if you wish. The policy is not cancelled unless you want it to be.
  5. Agree with postggi they cant change the interest rate. Can you call the FSA and who did you speak to at the FOS?
  6. Honestbob you can always call Deloitte and see whether your claim is still with them or has been handed back to the FSCS.
  7. Five more people got their cheques last Thursday on the MSE forum, some were Priority, others had returned their forms via the FOS last year July/ August 2008.
  8. Sorry old Wulf that claimer was mis informed by FSCS customer services, Her letter has now arrived and the policy IS NOT cancelled, it will continue to run for the 5 years.
  9. Hello honestbob, the claimant who got her cheque today had a friend who's claim was refused quite early on, she has appealed.
  10. Another claimant received their cheque today, and their insurance was cancelled at the same time. IGNORE THIS POST CLAIMANT WAS MIS INFORMED POLICY CONTINUES.
  11. It s ok honestbob, Deloitte were asked to send out these questionnaires at the end of September to those that had settled Picture loans with another provider so they can calculate how much interest you have still been paying on the PPI part of the loan and you would get that back also, as well as the original premium and all payments made towards the ppi so far. And none of us had a policy number!
  12. Was it the questionnaire because you have settled your loan? No one that I know knows what the criteria is, so I hope someone on here answers your question.
  13. Thanks bigdaddy121, that is really useful information. I only asked what you were expecting as you said you were waiting to bank your cheque. Congratulations.
  14. Have you called the FSCS? and what date did you send your claim form to the FSCS last year?
  15. PPI is cancelled if your claim is successful. Even if you dont pay back any money. You cant get your no claims bonus and receive a full refund of PPI fom the FSCS. Who did you check about the penalty with?
  16. Have they sent a calculation with it? They were refunding all the PPI and all payments made towards PPI plus interest on the amount from time of Default. CONGRATULATIONS BY THE WAY, REALLY PLEASED FOR YOU.
  17. Ring the FSCS and see if your claim has been passed back to the FSCS by Deloittes, mine has(45) and a few others have and from there we have been told 2 weeks.
  18. Thank you for your support MC, please put in a claim, it is so worth it. Goodluck.
  19. Won against Egg in regards to a loan taken out in 2004. Had to go to the FOS. Single premium and pre ticked box were the main reson for the Ombudsman's decision. Also awarded £200 compensation for the way Egg handled the complaint and not upholding it straight away. Thanks to aa and MC for all the support along the way.
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