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  1. will now go for the ignore approach as you originally suggested cheers:)
  2. two new letters for £145 debt collection company called newlyn? thoughts?
  3. their turn again "We have already expended considerable time responding to your representations. We have already clearly stated our case and cannot continue corresponding with you. The decision that has been sent is final, and your continued failure to make payment will result in this matter being forwarded to a collection agency for recovery" Time to cease?
  4. yep tough one to call - consulting a lawyer this week. Cheers
  5. long story Mrs Fishman was alleged to have jumped a red a few weeks ago whilst driving her mums car ( mum has broken arm and dad has undiagnosed )brain disorder)- was spoken to like a troll by two gallus officers who then went on to issue the pink slip with the wrong date on it. On production of insurance she is not covered to drvie her parents car third party and has now had a conditional offer to take a £200 fine and 6 poionts. Thing is that the conditional offer has the correct date on it? Advice please?
  6. 2nd letter going tomorrow Will update on events:-)
  7. My wife was charged with an offence on Saturday the 23rd August - failure to stop at red light and she was given 3 points and a fixed penalty of £60. My wife had been driving her dads car with his permission as he is incapacitated and awaiting a long term condition diagnosis. When we went to show the insurance it was noted that my wife as a named driver on both my policies was not insured as I thought to drive her dads car - an oversight on our part clearly. We have not yet went to deal with the insurance issue as I have tried to get this looked at by Direct Li
  8. Be sure to check that anyone else named on your insurance document knows that they are not insured to drive third party in another car. Found this out the hard way this weekend.
  9. Many thanks Template copied and will be sent to the other 5 of my colleagues who were stung on the same day:)
  10. Would happily pay the fine if I thought it had been dealt with appropriately but I am thinking of taking it further
  11. My wife was pulled over last night by two young and enthusiastic Constables re a red light / amber light jump. The notice is strewn with spelling and street name errors and was dated for Friday 22nd and not Saturday 23rd when the alleged offence took place. Will this be worth challenging?
  12. No, The car park is adjacent to a huge building that my local authority and employer , owns. The tickets are posted out after camera recogmition I am presuming. The correspondence I received is an Enforcement notice with a tear off payment slip on it.
  13. Cheers That means that this group can legally access what one would assume to be private info? Thanks
  14. Simple question? Are they allowed by law to have access to an individuals DVLA records? Got one of them £70 notices for parking in a car park next to a works building and the notice has all of my details relating to my vehicle on it? Cant be right surely?
  15. Good Evening Hope to get some help and dish out some where possible. Up the revolution:D
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