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  1. Message displayed in car today - warning light that battery not charging - phone my pal who is a mechanic - confirmed that it would be the alternator. Got in touch with the garage I bought the car from 8 months ago. Booked in and after they check, they confirmed it was the alternator. Part is covered but the garage are trying to change me £ 57 for the privelage of telling me what I told them. Come on - cant be right?
  2. Credit history is poor but managing the debt down the way and have decent job and money coming in. Car however is essential to the job but is on its last legs - any options for car loan out there? Cheers
  3. Anyone had much in the way of grief from them?
  4. Before I get document scanned................ Is it worthwhile me contacting BH again to see if they will negotiate a rearranged loan term and monthly amount?
  5. I had an agreement with Black Horse to reduce and review my payments - missed last month and I contacted then to see if they could temporarily take less from me. I got an income and expenditure form from BH then the next day a raft of calls from Close Assistance ( main clients are Black Horse and Santander I think). I met with a rep from Close Assistance this evening whose sole intention was to see what value was in my car and start a process to get my vehicle if I was unable to pay the arrears on the loan. The loan is a personal loan which was used to buy the car but I have paid over 3/
  6. Was in discussion with Black Horse over a change in the amount I am repaying them and thought we were doing business - only to get about 4 calls and a couple of tasty letters the next day from Close Assistance wanting to meet with me to discuss my situation. Anyone have any dealings with them?
  7. Can't get out of the mire at all Trust Deeds an option?
  8. yep sore one only using the car to go out and collect shopping for very ill father current premium is 340 - what can I expect to go up to?
  9. I hear ya:) Mrs was driving her dads car on my insurance - I presumed wrongly that she was covered 3rd party
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