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  1. Thanks raydetinu I have secured the deposit. I have a report and it advises that it was more than likely caused by the previous occupants. I also have inventories of the property before and after. When the tenants, they left it in a filthy condition.
  2. Hello Need some general advice on this. Had problems with previous tenants who left the pace in a pig sty. New tenants moved in and we discovered we have an infestation of bedbugs. Have changed all the beds as advised and fumigated property. Can I claim the cost of the replacement beds and fumigating from the previous tenants? I have their deposit.
  3. I desperately need some help to understand how Section 75 works. I paid part of a Solicitors bill by credit card for services rendered to my wife (the services was in their name but paid for by me as a primary cardholder). My wife is a secondary cardholder on my credit card account. We discover some 2 months later that the Solicitors had misrepresented my wife and charged for services that they had failed to provide. I have sought to make a claim against my credit card with documentary evidence but they are now citing that they are not liable as the service was for my wife's benefit.
  4. Hi Johnymitch Can you tell me how move this post to the Insurance section? I can't figure it out. Thanks
  5. Really, what happened? Mine is a London branch. Have you resolved your claim yet? Would love to hear more about yours. The Fenz
  6. Hi Legalpickle 1. Contract was signed in March and contract has been terminated. 2. Success was limited but we are not disputing this. 3. They have claimed some £2000 odd for expenses which are in fact office expenses and business furniture. Not disbursements or if so, very limited. e.g office filing cabinet, milk, tea bags, toilet paper, washing up liquid etc.
  7. This is the original agreement:- Dear Tracy Further to our discussion, please find below the revised fee structure for the next seven months. XXXX Publicists will charge the following: March at £1500, April, May and June at £2000 a month, July and August at £1500 a month and September at £2000. As in the previous letter our international fees start at £2000 per month, and the revised fee of £1500 for July and August normally applies when the agency is employed to focus solely on UK activity. XXXX Publicists for this revised fee will oversee activity undertaken for the E
  8. I'm not sure if I am posting this question in the right area but I need some help on Contract Law. My wife instructed a firm of publicists to carry out some work in 2008 and she is having major problems with them. They have been charging her disbursements which are in fact office expenses and business furniture(like toilet rolls, etc). This only came to light this month after we challenged them to prove the expenses hey are claiming. They have also increased her fees without her monthly fees without seeking her permission. They have now argued that they have had previous dealin
  9. I had almost a similar thing happen to me 6 or 7 years ago and ended up taking the Car Hire company to court (and won!). Firstly, you have not accepted liability and they should have obtained estimates for the cost of repair which would need to be agreed by you(thats what my company told me they would do). Ask to see the estimate and report the matter to your Card company.
  10. Hi I issued proceedings on line on 16 Dec and deemed as served on 21 Dec. Mailed POC on 29 December and sent by fax on 3 January. Other party have received docs but not filed a defence. They have acknowledged service. Deadline for filing defence is tonight but they have not done so. Do I have to take the 28 days from the date the POC was received (3 Jan) or the date on the Court letter (21 Dec). Any assistance appreciated.
  11. Forgot to mention that Tenants have issued proceedings against me in my name, using a company name that has nothing to with me and my address. e.g. Darren XXX YYY Fashions LImited - This company name has nothing to do with me. London Have asked that they correct the Claim form and notify the Court but they refuse to respond. Any help appreciated. Cheers Darren
  12. I rented out my flat to a couple for 2 years who have damaged my wooden flooring by gouging the floors in about 6 seperate areas in the hallway, lounge and bedroom. They are trying to argue that they are not liable but cannot offer an explanation how the damage came about. I offered to settle that they pay a reduced sum to cover the damage to finish things off but they have now issued proceedings against me. I'm not sure if I have grounds to ask the Court that they produce a fully pleaded POC or have the case struck out. I list below what they wrote on the claim form. I have already
  13. Hi Need some help. Had some problems with Camden Council over their failure to repair a roof. Accidentally, I issued proceedings on line for the wrong amount (it was very late at night!). I am about to send my Particulars of Claim by post to them but can anyone advise how I amend my Claim to the correct amount. Do I need to make an N244 application? If so, can anyone guide me as to what I have to write on the form? Do I send it back to Northampton County Court? Thanks Darren
  14. I am in exactly the same situation with Halifax. Received 2 letters stating I was in arrears of £3000 when in fact I over pay my mortgage every month by £200 to try and clear it off. PLease keep us update wit what is happening with you. Darren007
  15. I have a 2 bed flat which I let out. I am a leaseholder. My tenants notified me of a leak from the roof back in July 08 and I notified the Freeholder who has done diddly squat about it despite repeated reminders. Tenants now want to leave and I have offered to have the roof repaired and all internal damage and take the Feholder to Court over costs. Builder is going in to repair today and work will take 8 days ncluding internal repaisr. Have offered tenants another of my flats to stay in for duration of works or have offered to pay for a hotel. Internal damage in flat is limited to bathroo
  16. Does that mean I should pay the £24.50 and ask for the screen shot or should I ask them for the screensht and then see what is down on their records? Newlyn advised in a letter that the they visited in April 2008 but the Local Authority had initially referred this matter to bailiffs and then taken the matter back. I understand that they reinstructed the bailiffs in October. Before they even made contact in October 2008 I paid the amount claimed pending outcome of the Valuation Tribunal Servcice. I cannot see how they visited in April and if they did, why they did not contact me befor
  17. Received a NOTICE PRIOR TO REMOVAL OF GOODS dated 19 November 2008 advisingt aht unless I paid the £24.50 Newlyn will be attending to colect goods and charge me £95. It states Arrears of: Council Tax DUE TO LB of Council Tax liability is fully cleared. Should I worry. They have not responded BURP'sletter I sent on 18 November 2008. This seems to be harrasment.
  18. Copy of the "contract and terms of business" below from Publicists issued in February 2007. Dear xxxxx Further to out discussion please find below the revised fee structure for the next seven months. XYZ Publicists will charge the following; March at £1,500, April, May and June at £2,000 a month, July and August at £1,500 and September at £2,000. As in the previous letter our international fees start at £2,000 per month, and the revised fee of £1,500 for July and August normally applies when the agency is employed to focus solely on UK activity. XYZ Publicists for thi
  19. This is a copy of a letter my wife sent the Publicists Solicitors and I am typying up the terms of business in a seperate post. BY FAX & CERTIFIED MAIL Solicitors LLP Surrey Dear Madam XYZ PUBLICISTS (“your client”) Thank you for your letter dated 18 November 2008 received this morning. I have never disputed any legitimate expense incurred on my behalf but your client has repeatedly failed to provide evidence (receipts or invoices) of these alleged expenses, dating back to March 2007, despite assurance that they have no issue in doing so.
  20. How did you pay for sofa? Credit card, finance? Item is not suitable for use or fit for purpose and therefore quote Sale of Goods Act. A sofa should last longer than 3.5 years. Look up in Forums. Do not offer to pay usage fee. The fact that they are offering you £200 is evidence that item is not fit for use.
  21. My wife had to use a firm of London publicists for work last year. Apart from a monthly fee, they advised that they charged disbursments. I understand this to mean 3rd party costs like couriers etc. The company was billing my wife £300 on average per month for items like phones, entertainment wtc. etc. However, they refused to substabiate these alleged costs with receipts, vouchers or invoices. When challenged they advised that they had no problems in providing copies, then they changed their story that they are not obliged to provide us proof of expenditure. My wife stopped pa
  22. Is there a forum for Pensions as have just been advised that Scottish Life having been deducting £35 per month from my fund for charges
  23. I had a parking ticket which I forgot to deal with. Had a visit on 20 August from Marston Group at 6am and the chap told me that I he would clamp my car ubless I paid the £309 owed. I explained that I had disputed the charge with Local Authority but could not risk being without my car as needed for work. Reluctantly paid by credit card and asked that he arrange for a detailed breakdown be sent. Nothing arrived. Wrote to Marston and see that they have charged me as below:- Fine £125 1st Letter £11.20 1st Attendance £38.14 Immobilisation Fee £100 The car was never
  24. Copied BURP's letter and sent to Newlyn at 4.55. About 6.15 had a phone call from a man called Albert from NEWLYN saying that they were calling about collecting the £24.50 due. I explained that I had written to them and was awaiting a response. Albert responded by saying that I had to pay the money due or that I would be accruing more costs and charges. I explained I'd be happy to accrue more charges but that they needed to respond to my letter. Luckily, I have a recording device and my call was recorded. i did explain to Albert that I reserved the right to produce this receording in
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