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  1. Thanks guys, we took the advice and paid the £25 ulez for 2 days as he drove through it at 23.45 so would be liable for both days, £25 is a lot better than £200 if he had gotten it wrong.
  2. The post code he went to was Se18 4dt, which is in a lez, which he doesn't have to pay for, but he drove through Stratford, canning Town, Greenwich and Charlton to get there. That's why he is not sure.
  3. A friend of mine went to London yesterday but don't know if he went into any of the charge zones, is there any way he can find out by putting his vrm and finding if and what he needs to pay?
  4. I personally think you should follow the advice you have been given on here, these people have gotten to know a lot about these kind of things and know what they are talking about, all its going to cost you is the price of a stamp and 2 mins of your time. Do it Elf.
  5. Well it looks like ECP have decided they cant win this one because of your advice Ericsbrother i got this in my E-Mail inbox today 24 February 2015 Reference 2413614278 always quote in any communication with POPLA Dear Sir or Madam Miss Very Beautiful Lady(Appellant) -v- Euro Car Parks Limited (Operator) The Operator has informed us that they have cancelled parking charge notice number 88880239483, issued in respect of a vehicle with the registration mark xxxxxx . Your appeal has therefore been allowed by order of the Lead Adjudicator. You are not liable for the parking charge and, where appropriate, any amounts already paid in respect of this parking charge notice will be refunded by the Operator. Yours sincerely, Richard Reeve Service Manage. Thank you all for your help in this and every other appeal won against these cowboys Elf.
  6. I sent the Popla appeal in the other day, and they say it will be heard around the beginning of march. I did the appeal by copying and pasting the post above post by Ericsbrother and just adding the dates of sent and received letters, Should i attach copies of the scans of letters from ECP or just leave that to ECP to provide and keep my copies for if it goes to court? Elf
  7. I am just doing the appeal to Popla now, and i am not sure that point 2 is valid. The only letters i have recieved from ECP are the 1st one telling me about the PCN and the 2nd one which said i had lost my appeal. I dont think either of those would be classed as a NTK would they?Elf. P.S. i did not recieve one within 14 days telling me they had recieved my appeal letter either.Elf.
  8. So i finally got the rejection of appeal. just a bit of extra information. The Appeal was put in by email on the 24th of November, the Reply was on the 31st of December, and as you rightly mentioned the rejected the appeal. Is the fact that they didn't reply within the 35 days of any importance? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Elf.
  9. I did it online... Elf. p.s. they still haven't got back to me
  10. It's been 16 days since i have appealed against this ticket and i still have not heard anything, Is good thing or a bad thing? Elf.
  11. I have sent in an appeal now and i guess i will just have to wait until the next letter comes, i have asked for a POPLA code at the end of the appeal if they refuse my appeal. Elffin.
  12. On the 9th of November we parked on Euro Car Park located on Crown Street in Bolton, we forgot to pay the fee and on the 12th we received a letter: Parking Charge Notice amount due £100. Payment for the parking charge notice is due within 28 days from the 12/11/14 shown above if the parking charge notice is paid within 14 days from the date of this notice a prompt payment discounted amount of £60 is payable. Under that it states we were parked on Crown street car park from 16:55 to 18:23 on the 9/11/14 then says that: On the 9/11/14 you were the registered keeper of the vehicle: Or you have been named by the registered keeper as the driver when there was a breach of terms and conditions of parking. We are using cameras to capture images of vehicles entering and leaving the car park and calculate their length of stay. Signage on the car park clearly informs of the terms and conditions. The parking charge notice xxxxxxxxxx has been issued because the vehicle was parked at crown street - Bolton, Crown street, , Bolton, BL1 2RU. As no valid pay and display/permit was purchased this was in breach of the terms and conditions at this site. It then mentions Schedule 4 of the protection of freedoms act 2012. What should we do in relation to this? Elffin
  13. Was it defo a PCN or did it come from a private car park... just thought i would ask as the poster has not specified where it came from. Elf.
  14. Just spoke to CSL, They say they are re-ordering the suite for us, at 1st they said would be here in 4 weeks, then later they said it should get here before xmas. We said we didnt want another suite we wanted to cancel the order as we were not happy with the service we were getting and were also not happy waiting a total of 14 - 18 weeks for a suite that should have been here after 8 weeks. there was a little tooing and froing pointing out parts of the agreement. then we asked to speak to a manager, the person on the phone said we couldent speak to a manager but somebody would ring us back. I will let you know what the outcome of the conversation is when we have it. Elf.
  15. My parner and i ordered a Sofa from CSL approx 13 weeks ago, it was deliverd last Wednesday (19.10.11) and was damaged on one corner so we refused to accept it, the Sofa was again attempted to be delivered today but this time the sofa was in worse shape than it was the first time, part of it had been loaded upside down and the corner of the plastic had torn leaving a brown mark and crushed fabric, several other areas also looked like they were worn. We refused to accept the sofa and when the customer advisor spoke to me she advised me i could either accept the sofa and somebody would come and look at it some time next week, or i could send it back and they will look at it again with a view to repairing it again. I stated on the phone that i was not interested in having a repaired sofa and that i wanted what i had paid for which was a "New" sofa. I have left it in the hands of CSL to see what they say, Is there anything else i should be doing or is this the best way to proceed? Regards Pete.
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