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  1. Those that are ATOL covered on their XL holiday can take all their details into a First Choice or Thomson shop and get the refund directly credited to a new holiday and First Choice/Thomson will sort the refund out for you getting it placed against your next holiday. However you must be ATOL covered on the XL holiday before you can apply - if I can help I am here!
  2. 1) Who did you get the vouchers from? Direct from TC or from another company? 2) Did you photocopy the vouchers? 3) Go into a Thomas Cook shop and ask them how vouchers are handled - what is put on the system and how is it done? - ask them to show you. 4) Record all phone calls to them from now on - try to get that magic phrase "we did have the vouchers" as you said someone already has - did you get their name? Speak to them again but record them. 5) Always always always book in a shop with vouchers if you can. If they don't allow you to, then ask if they can send the vo
  3. The bottom line is that it sounds like you paid the whole lot to First Choice in one sum, therefore your grief is with them. All hotel operators tell the travel agents whether they have building work on or not and the travel agent must then add those into the booking notes and explain that they have contacted the customer and explained about the building work and give them an option to change or cancel the booking. This appears not to have happened. Did you book at a First Choice branch? You should go into them and ask them to go through the booking/reservation notes with you. If it s
  4. An interesting one. Passengers must remember that most holiday companies have as part of their terms and conditions the right for anyone that has more than 12 hours delay on their flight to walk away from the whole booking and get full 100% refund on the holiday and compensation. But the compensation is usually very small. About 50 pounds per person is deemed reasonable by the holiday companies as compensation in addition to the full refund of the holiday. You would certainly be entitled to half of the Premium seats recompense, and also push for some recompense from Monarch for hav
  5. Trading standards in the UK are the ones that will take this up. Companies have to be able to prove that you can book the fare advertised and trading standards will not accept excuses that the fare has "gone" if they see that happening all the time. Yes of course some fares advertised will be snapped up, but if you show them the pattern occuring they can take action. Ideally you want to try to book on a third party supplier's website not with United. If this continues happening say at Expedia, once they are notified they can then take action directly with United as it will look very ba
  6. This is how it works: First Choice will have obtained a customer invoice from Virgin for your holiday. That customer invoice will be entirely from Virgin, and headed up so on their headed paper outlining everything that was booked and paid for. It is First Choice procedure that the invoice is handed to you. If it was not then whoever sold you the holiday at First Choice should be contacted and you demand the "supplier invoice" - in this case Virgin. If you are being given the runaround the best way is to start the chargeback process on whatever card you paid on. Both credit cards
  7. Yes, hopefully you have taken names of the reps, and taken photos of the hotel all parts you are complaining about it, and ideally have details of other guests at the hotel so you can all complain and use their complaints against them.
  8. I never understand why people book holiday packages with companies they don't know that well on the net. Come into retail outlets and talk through everything, then you have someone to see if it goes wrong - net bookings have by far the highest level of complaints - what you see is not always what you get...!
  9. Where did you book your holiday? If in store all card transactions are on their travelcat system under customer payments. Take your booking reference in and ask them to check and show you the customer payments page on both bookings. If a store has taken it it will show on this page. Tell us how you got on.
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