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  1. Providing he is an employee and not self-employed, there is no reason why he should not receive statutory sick pay (SSP) from his employer. He will obviously need to provide a statement of fitness to work (sick note)from the hospital or his GP to confirm he is too unwell to work.
  2. Slander and libel are both very complicated and specialist areas of law; therefore VERY expensive to pursue. Your best bet is to speak to a solicitor and ask hat a warning letter is sent. That MAY bring an end to your problems. If not, I hope you have very deep pockets.
  3. Nothing will happen apart from a few more threatening letters and that will be it.
  4. Your insurance with the Post Office was to make sure they delivered the Postal Orders to the address - job done.
  5. I would suggest that with the current weather conditions constantly hovering around freezing, a boiler and heating system not working suddenly IS an emergency.
  6. You are entitled to get travelling expenses to collect a Crisis Loan or it can be paid directly into your account.
  7. "Sickness Benefit" hasn't existed for over 15 years, it was replaced with Incapacity Benefit (IB). However, since the introduction of Employment Support Allowance (ESA), you can no longer claim IB - you can now only make a new claim for ESA.
  8. First things first and vitally important, she needs to complete a report in the accident book and then take a copy of the report.
  9. I highly doubt they will prosecute over this debt - even if they do, it will go in your favour if you meet it head-on with an immediate offer of repayment.
  10. From what you say, there is no doubt that you didn't tell the council about a change in your circumstances which led to an overpayment of benefit. What you need to do is make an offer to repay the debt at an amount you can afford on a weekly or monthly basis. Make the effort to go to the council as soon as you can. All the best.
  11. Knowing how difficult breakdown companies are, I shall be following this thread with interest. Best of luck with your claim, I would also be considering legal action too. David
  12. As an aside, I always find the phrase "No DSS"starnge as the DSS hasn't existed for over 11 years. David
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