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  1. Protect your bubble policy is to report it to the police within 48 hours. I rang and blocked the phone at 3 in the afternoon that day and then at 5pm I rang the police. I spoke to the head of the area policeman of Thames Valley and was advised he wasn't sure whether it was counted as stolen or theft because of the situation of it being lost at an organised event. He then tried to put me through the Banbury police station (where I live and phone was lost) he then said they were really busy and I couldn't be put through. He advised me to leave a voicemail explaining the situation and leaving my
  2. Hello Everyone, I recently lost a phone and had the phone number blocked within two hours, but it took two weeks for me to get a crime number from the police( because of work and the police messing me about) Now "protectyourbubble" who I took out insurance with have declined to pay for a new phone as they say it took me too long to report it to the police and have now stopped my insurance with them. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks in advance Roo
  3. Hello thanks for all your replies Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you all, i work long hours and away from any internet connection. As things currently stand she was not payed after six weeks working for this company and sent an email to say "as she had not been payed she would no longer be continuining with this company", she requested money for several weeks and was given lots of excuses. There was another apprentice working alongside her who had worked for 12 weeks and also had not been payed! who has also left. Should we take this directly to a tribunal?
  4. Hello, I'm not sure where to post this question as I have always been posting about debt I owed!! my daughter has recently being working as an apprentice, but she went 6 weeks with no money. she has left now but we still want to get the money she is owed, is there a template letter anywhere, to write asking for the money with intent to take further action. thanks and sorry if I'm in the wrong section!!! Roo
  5. filling in my aos dont understand the contest jurisdiction box should I tick this?
  6. hello and thankyou for your reply, sorry about the delay in my reply I have been working away from home for a couple of days with no internet access.The issue date is the 8th November,I do have my statements. I dont have a scanner but here is the particulars of the claim, its from northampton county court "the claimant is the assignee of a debt(s) from Abbey national plc. Notice of assignment was provided to the defendent by the claimant in writting.Despite demand for payment the assigned debt(s) remains due. the claimant complied with section III and IV and annex B of the PD pre-act
  7. This is my defence so far. Can I submit my defence online with the courts as I dont have very long left? My defence I believe that abbey national PLC mismanaged my account and did not follow the code of banking standards that they were subscribed to at the time of this debt. Abbey did not help me or offer to give assistance in anyway and removed my overdraft facility at a time that I was suffering with financial hardship which caused this debt to myself. If they had followed the code of banking standards to which they were subscribed, this debt and the severe financial hards
  8. I'm going to try and defend my case on the basis of abbey breaking the code of conduct that they should have followed when dealing with my hardship, I'm going to start writting out my reply, any help or thoughts would be really appreciated Roo
  9. Does anyone know if Abbey was subscribed to this code in 2006? Thanks Roo http://www.bankingcode.org.uk/pdfdocs/2005codelit/Banking%20Code%20Guidance%20March%202005%20FINAL.pdf
  10. just found this link but cant work out if abbey was subscribed to this ? http://www.bankingcode.org.uk/pdfdocs/2005codelit/Banking%20Code%20Guidance%20March%202005%20FINAL.pdf
  11. just checked my statements i was incurring charges all over the place up until the 3rd november 2006, then all of a sudden my overdraft was taken away and I was 1500 in debt
  12. yes the bank statements show my benefits going in
  13. yes I think they do going to search the house like mad to find them!!!
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