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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks for that Zoot, Much appreciate your reply.. I think Ill give it some consideration... Looks like the Cumberland are going to try this " counterclaim " malarkey with everyone.. Mandi
  3. Thanks for everyones replies, and the Links,, Can I please just clarify Even though I have previously dropped the claim .. Can I still go ahead with another.. Now I have more information, and help from everyone here.. Becuse if this is the case... Im going for it... BIG TIME.. cheers everyone Mandi
  4. )-: Thanks Caro.. Just asking, but has anyone else had a counterclaim filed against them ????If so what happened..
  5. Thank you for your reply its much appreciated.. As I said they didnt confirm or deny that the charges were penaltys.. Which is a good sign for everyone .. Im now with the Nat West.. Who tried it on with a £38.00 charge when I opened my account ( not my fault I might add).. I got it refunded, and maybe this should be on another thread... but The hassle I had getting the refund was incredible.. A DD had gone out on the wrong date, I claimed back under the DD guarantee.. They told me I couldnt and needed to fill in an indemnity claim form so I could claim from the originator.. I said no ,
  6. Hi all, Just to give the update as requested.. Unfortunately there was no info available here re my banks " counterclaim", and I felt very let down by the forum . I had to consult a litigation solicitior, who advised ,me that as my claim was relatively small, his best advice was for me to drop my claim for charges, if they dropped their counterclaim.. Which I did.. He advised me that they had employed a barrister,( at geat cost to them) to reply to my claim, but I might add that nowhere in the reply did they confirm or deny that the charges are penaltys.. and In hindsight I
  7. Thanks for the Pm Bankfodder, however I cant reply as your INBOX is full... Mandi
  8. Hi Bankfodder, Thank you for your PM. I would like to give you the details that you requested but your INBOX is full Thanls Mandi
  9. Yes I can thank you. ... Its on my "to do "list tomorrow...
  10. This is the banks counterclaim..Funky 1.As set out in Paragraph 15 a number of charges incurred by the claimant have been refunded to her as a non binding " gesture of Goodwill" Under clause 23.3 of the Investment and current account conditions which apply to this account, the defendant may choose not to enforce conditions, but that will not give the defendant the right, not to enforce those conditions in the future.. They then go on to list the dates the Goodwill refunds, were given 2.Costs and expenses as a matter of contract as set out in para 29 ( Para 29 reads..
  11. Thanks for your replies so far..everyone May I post the name of the Bank at a later date.. Reason is that its a local building society.. and not a National one.. ( - : I knew right at the start they would take this to the bitter end..( but just in case they know this forum I would like to stay quiet for now.. Will post their name at a later date.. Just not sure what to do about the counterclaim.. Can anyone recommend maybe another user or area of the site I can obtain more information from please... Thanks again, and again (-: Mandi
  12. Im only claiming the charges, that they havent refunded as "goodwill" Nothing else.. Sorry for the confusion Mandi
  13. Yes Here goes and the defendant counterclaims 1. £ 116.00 or such other sum as the court finds due as set out in parag 26 herein 2. Costs and expenses as a matter of contract, as set out in parag 29 herein 3. Intrest 4 alternatively to (2) the costs of these proccedings as a matter of discrettion of the court 5such further relief as may be necessary or desirable Basicly they want their money back plus intest, and court costs Any ideas now please, Thank you very much
  14. Hi Everyone, Well my bank still digging their heels in, and I have now received a court allocation questionnaire.. Including a Couterclaim from my bank for past refunds to my account given as Gestures of " goodwill"... !! Has this happened to anyone else. ?? And most impostanly... What Do I do next please... ???? Im in receipt of benefits, and its going to cost me £ 100.00 when I return this form, so I need to do it properley.. I also have limited time to return it... SOO PLEEESE can anyone advise my.. I will be most greatful Thank you Mandi
  15. Thanks for your reply Reload ( just read it) Im a little aprehensive, but dont plan on stopping this until I reatch the end,, Not long to go now, claim acknoledged on the 2nd, so should know something by next Friday.. Thank god for the replies everone sent me!! (-; Your a great lot.. Will definately keep you posted.... Cheers Mandi
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