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  1. I think as long as he doesnt contest it or no arguments then no need. I divorced my ex husband without a solicitor and wasnt too difficult. Only had to go to court to swear an avidavit (spelling?) and found the court to be really helpful.
  2. After being turned down for the lead role in 'Donnie Darko 4 Weturn of the Wabbit' Bugs McBuggle went down the road of alcoholic recluse only seen on rare occasions and Celeb reality shows
  3. Comet Lulin is coming! Soon I will reliquish this mortal form and............ oh bugger I need a cr*p
  4. This is a franchised land rover dealer! The part ex has gone and I have paid my negative equity that I had with it. There was no deposit as I paid £500 toward cleaing the negative equity. I will copy the letters you suggest to the finance company today. Thanks My avatar is cat in a frog suit!!
  5. Have been away - thanks for your reply. The car was accepted back by the dealer and I have a letter from them on 12th June saying 'As agreed I shall clear the finance off fo you so nothing is outstanding'. They have keys DVLA had logbook so I was removed from the register, had acknowledgement from them. I have had three letters from the finance company on 22nd June one says I owe x amount, one saying that I am two months outstanding and one froma nother dept saying sorry we havent got back to you about your complaint etc etc. I have rung the sales manager twice he hasnt returne
  6. An update. Further to your last Coniff - you would think so! I have just had a threatening phone call from the finance company saying I've missed 2 payments and its 3 strikes and you're out! Apparently already affecting my credit rating. I told the (small man) to contact the dealer - No! he said thats your responsibility to do that. I'm flabbergasted as the only letter I have from them is first payment to be 20th June (picked up car 12th May sent back 14th) I know not of any other payments. I sent them a recorded letter saying that I had rejected it etc. I dont want my rec
  7. Mine claimed £9090 of gardening costs. £837 for a lawnmower repair. £50 p/w for papers. In a year. At least I dont live in Dewsbury. £3400 on audio and tv equipment in 3 months. 'Essential' items eh Mr Malik?
  8. An ADI , if working with a valid instructors certificate and insurance policy would normally be insured to teach in a private car. I had a policy with the DIA which covered me for negligence and indemnity etc as well as teaching in my own car and private vehicles. Check the details on the policy if he still teaches. However it would be easier if her father took her out in his own car as if he's teaching then she'll be covered as a learner, and you just supervise when you can.
  9. Been having a quick look at a certain MP in Dewsbury. Month 1 claims £2600 for 40inch tv and dvd home theatre system. Month 2 claims £500 for a hi-fi system. Month 3 claims £300 for 60gb Ipod. Things they need to run their second home within the course of their job? Also lives alone according to council tax, but has claimed for 2 sets of bedside lamps and 2 bedside tables, twice.
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