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  1. Hi, Wondering if anyone can answer this for me? I have a prepayment meter from British Gas, since I have a large debt. I want to pay this off but they set the meter to take £30 per week, which I cant afford but they have refused to reduce. I have to put £10 per day on it and it takes a proportion toward the debt, but even when I have paid the £30 for the week, because it takes it when I put the card in. But however much credit is left, the meter zeros it and cuts the gas off, every night? Is this correct? Emergancy not used. Thanks for any comments.
  2. As far as I know, no. Couple of things though. I had a phone call from them Thursday saying he was on his way, and it turned out to be his company. I checked on Companies house and it had only jut been set up September last year. I did check the cca list to find that he isnt on there? Anyway, wizzed the car round the corner and sat out the front with the door locked. He turned up and a flash car and got out. Started to talk about a payment plan wich I talked to him about. He then pulls out this form already filled in with w/p charges, 2 visits and levey charges. I asked him why all
  3. Hi, Just a quick one. Has anybody heard of the above company? Just got a letter from them and when I phoned they said they couldn't arrange for payment plan over the phone they had to come round. Quick check on companies house says they have only been going since September 08? Since its for council tax do they only have they same powers as a bailiff? Many thanks
  4. Hi, I have just spoken to Goodwilie and Corcoran who said that they charged £112.11 as an attendance fee and a fee for leveying goods. When I asked about the £24.50 she said they could charge what they like when coming out again. And when I asked about the levy fee she said she didnt know. She also told me that they hadn't recieved my request for fees added to my account but hen I told her that somebody had signed for it at there end she told me that the guy who deals with it is on holiday until next week.
  5. This may make you laugh. I sent off the SAR last week along with my £10 postal order. I have noticed this morning on the baliffs web site that they have taken the £10 off my account. I have emailed asking why as they will not pick the phone up!
  6. Hi, I actually work in the touring caravan market. We have often wondered about how static sites get to put in there contract that you have to buy from them and sell to them. Our Glasses guide also contains static trade and retail prices. They truly are mammoth apart. But if anybody wants the "Glasses" trade and retail then drop me a line.
  7. Hi, Thanks so much for your responses. I am doing the letters now. In aswer to your question though, when he came round to see my wife she didn't sign anything. Does that make a difference with cars in general? Thanks again.
  8. Hi, New here and have been reading with alot of interest. I just wanted to put my story on here to here what people think. I had two liability orders go to the above baliffs at the same time. Both for council tax. One for £372.47 and one for £364.64. They left a note through my door saying they had been out and if I didn't pay they would take my stuff. When there letters came through the door the amounts were £1185.26. When I phoned he said he wanted £200 by the next day and that he wouldn't accept less than two hundred pounds a month. I phoned him the following day and paid the two hund
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