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  1. Last correspondence from me was in 2008 so by my calculations this is statute barred. In which case I would be happy to write to them to confirm this, although a forum member yesterday advised me to sit tight? I would rather nip this in the bud but not certain what the best course of action would be. There is absolutely nothing showing on my credit file, although I recall this being there at one stage (presume it has dropped off after the 6 year limit).
  2. I think there was, but this is going back to 2007/8. Definitely nothing on there at all now.
  3. Oh crikey, sounds like more letters are on their way!
  4. Okay - well I believe that the clock started pre-2008 (I think 2006-7 was when Lloyds first contacted me) - as there has been no communication from me since August 2008, I will write back to them with the standard Statute Barred template letter advising them I don't believe the debt t be enforceable. Thanks very much for your assistance!
  5. Thank you! Just to add, there is no mention of the Lloyds account anywhere on my Experian credit file. The letter today says that they want me to contact them to 'find the right solution to clear this debt'. If I don't contact them, they may consider the following options: - Refer the account to their client's solicitors and ask them to issue a County Court Claim which could result in a CCJ being entered - Send a report to credit reference agencies advising that it is an unpaid account with no payments being made (if it is less than 6 years since the default date) - which i
  6. Hi all, I posted here back in 2008 and got some really good help and advice which I hope will be repeated. To summarise, I was contacted in early 2008 about an unsettled overdraft with Lloyds TSB. I found out about this after Lloyds had been trying to contact me at my step-father's address in the UK. The OD was with a branch in the UK and at that time I had been living in Spain for 4 years. I acknowledged the debt to Lloyds and asked them to send me a payment plan to my Spanish address along with an international account number so I could make payments.
  7. The letter has three addresses on it, and I plan to send the signed acceptance of the fine to all three along with a covering note explaining my reason for this. With regards to payment of the fine, the letter reads: If you accept this offer to conclude this matter without recourse to court action, please sign and print your name below and return to Stagecoact South Western Trains Limited within fourteen days of the above date. Postal orders may be made payable to South West Trains and payment by CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS (CHEQUES or SOLO/ELECTRON cards are not accepted) can be made by telepho
  8. Yesterday, three months after the above incident occurred, I received a letter from South West Trains. I did fear the worst, but after “careful consideration of the circumstances”, they have made me a “generous offer” to fine me £108.90 (£8.90 fare, £55.00 operational costs and £45.00 Administration and Prosecutor’s Costs) in order to settle the matter without prosecution. While I am still angered by this whole situation (despite wholeheartedly agreeing that I should have had a ticket before boarding the train), I am going to pay the fine and settle the matter. I’ve only spent £2400 on rail t
  9. Thank you to both of you for your prompt replies.I am concerned, and having read around the subject understand that SWT are one of the tougher companies to deal with. I throw my hands up and willingly admit that I should have purchased a ticket before I boarded the train on Tuesday, but as in the past I have been able to buy one on board (I think this has been two times) I assumed I would be able to do the same this time.With respect to the season ticket being from Clapham to London Terminals (not underground) I was told by the ticket person at London Road (where I purchased the ticket) that I
  10. Sincere apologies – I did use punctuation and paragraphs and they are not showing on here which makes for very difficult reading!
  11. Hi everyone, This is a long one!I wonder if anyone can help me. I travel Monday to Friday to Waterloo and then get a bus or the Tube to Holborn. For June and July I purchased a season ticket from London Road, Guildford to London Terminals including underground at a cost of around £330. The service is run by South West Trains.I have been living back in the UK since the end of May, mainly staying at my dad's in Guildford which is why my Season ticket originated there.However, I also travel to Pulborough in West Sussex on Thursday evenings, travel to London and back on a Friday and again to Lo
  12. Hi all, My Spanish partner and I bought a house in Spain four years ago. He lost his job at the beginning of the year and obviously financially things got very difficult. We missed three mortgage payments and therefore the repossession order began. We have tried to negotiate with the bank all this year but they would not renegotiate any deal with us, demanding we paid the three payments plus interest instantly. As this amount stood at €5000 approx, we were not in a position to do so. Today we went to Court to collect some papers and the mortgage company is demanding full repaym
  13. Lloyds have not notified me that the debt was being passed on to the best of my knowledge. However, they were sending correspondence to a UK address for two years (I found out by chance) - despite me informing them several times of my change of address and them confirming the same, I also informed them that I would not receive any correspondence sent to the UK address. I am not sure whether to reply to APEX or not. I half want to tell them to go ahead and do what they want as I can prove my correspondence with Lloyds and willingness to pay them. Is it worth my while asking for
  14. Hi All Following very helpful advice from this forum back in August, I wrote to both Lloyds and AIC demanding an explanation from them for their actions. I had been trying for two years to tell Lloyds that I no longer resided in the UK and each time they took down my address in Spain and promised to contact me with my debt reference and an account where I could begin payments. Needless to say this never happened, and after two years I received a letter from AIC saying they had taken over my debt etc etc. I wrote back to Lloyds and copied in AIC exlaining the above. Aic nev
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