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  1. hi all,, does anybody know weither amex ever sells there debts on or if not any idea what f/f settlements would they give,,
  2. hi canniepay. you put halifax/rbs,,,,,did you mean bos not royal bank of scotland? i know hal/bos have sold a parcel to cabot but first ive heard of rbs seling too,,,just wandered..
  3. i think your correct babydoll but like i said im not expert,,,,some very knowleable guys will respond though im sure who knows exact law,,, i was just debating weither like me you go down f./f route in hope eventualy you can secuse some funds to offer low %,,or fight the cca law to completely win and be free odf debt for nothing,,,but if lose risk all going against you,,,, of course if your paperwork is faulty and they know you know it is,,,,far strenghens your hand for a low f/f,,,,if you want to settle ofcourse..
  4. hi corn,,,, think you misunderstand me,,when i said have you offered anything,,didnt mean a full and final i ment an offer you could afford,,,ie 1pound if thats all,,,as long as you send them a income and ex sheet showing what you can afford,id be very surprised if they wouldnt take it,, i personally in end spoke on phone and just explained what i could aford and must admit they were very obiging,,told then i wwould make token payments , the thing is corn you have to decide weither you want to work with a dca or fight them,,,im my case i accepted that it was my debt,,because it was,,id had the funds less int of course,,,so i just wanted to settle n be free,,,,,,now if you feel it isnt your debt then ofcourse pay nothing,,but if your sure it is the 2 options are in play,,,, 1,,,,accept it and try best to negotiate,, 2,,,,go down cca route in hope its lost or wrongly worded.... the second youll get far better advise from some very clever guys on here,,,but personally i felt,,with ddcs now able to ,,reconstruct,, agreements and that some courts i read accepting this in court est,,,i feel mayb its better to try deal with rather than fight,, but as i say your call
  5. morning corn.. have you actually contacted them with an offer. as i said earlier i recieved all sorts of letter trreats cos i wouldnt talk,,,,once i started to negotiate they were fine,,took toke payments,,then once i could offer a low f/f they accepted it(not so straight away ,though,,)but found then fine,,once id bitten bullet and started negotiation,, dont be bullied,,but dont frae them and hide,,,there paid people ,,not so scary once they know what position is,,,and if they can arrange a way with you,,to get the stake back(what they bought it from credit for))plus a little proft theyll work..... thats just my personal take on it,,im sure some will disagee and mayb rightly so,,,but thats how i approached it,,,,and worked for me,, good luck
  6. could you offer 1 pound token cornwally,if so send the offer with an income and expenditure,,that way they see you have nothing spare over the offer u send,,,plus that way they will not pursuse bancrucy,, as i stated b4 these guys look at you purely as money n bussness,,,,nothinf personal to any1,,just money,,,,they wont spend money forcing you into court to bancrupt you if they can see theres nothing to get,, again my own dealings,i left them hanging 4 ages b4 sending in/ex,,paid them nothing and was hounded constantly,,as soon as i made a token offer they accepted,,,later date i offered a low full and final and they accepted,,now im free,,,,10200 cleared @:22%,,,, now thats my approach,,some guys would rather pay nothing and go completely through law process,,,your choice,,the guys who go that way are indeed very well verced in law est and will help you,,there amazingly helpful on here,,but if you do go the pay nothing route,you have got to be prepared to be dogged by these guys sadly,,,,, hope it helps you a little
  7. hi cornwalluy.. firstly and most importantly dont woorry and feel these guys are your masters,, i had a a/c sold to first few yrs ago,,,i sent income/ex acounts to them and offered to pay token payment,,few pound....they accepted,,,, if you can only aford 1 pound then they have to accept it,, dont forget these guys are a bussness,,they dont want you bancrupt,,yes theyll try allways to get more than you can aford but you set the figure,,ure in charge,,, theyve prob bought your a/c for pennies in the pound,,,and all they want is a profit.tell em straight what you can aford and youll be fine
  8. hi loser,,,thks 4 that,,,hope u both are successful,,,,for me however ive had a reconcructed agreement sent while back,,,if went court might win,,who knows,,but im not going there,,i accept the debt but going down the low f/f route as can get third party help in a small way to offer low %,,,, problem i have is like you say,,,getting bos ie halifax to sell it andget me away from blair o,,s as they wont talk,,,,,
  9. just a thought babydoll,,do you feel been sold would strenghen your hand to offer full and final(ie smaller%) ive done a few f/f now,,still long way to go b4 debtfree but blair oliver s....t just wont budge from95% of debt grrrr
  10. anybody know the criteria halifax use when selling these a/cs,,,,im with b/o/sc//t paying £3 a month on 10k debt,,so wander if ill be sold ,,
  11. thk you for clarification,, i totally aggree what you say makes complete sence,, if however like me who wants to be debt free,,,but,,,not wanting to pursue any futher credit from anyone,,,,,would you say the wording would be fine in that circumstance,,,,again i agree with you,,full and final would be far better wording,,, thks again
  12. hi dx100,,,, could you explain why you sugest the offer would be waste of money?? i undrstand full and final wording far better,,,but if this dca has said in writing that there clients or any other party will purse the debt,,,,,why would you say is waste of money settling?surly the debtor would be covered by there written statement,, sorry if im missing something,,,,,
  13. happy hippi is bang on,,,,aic are rude,threatning,andnever listen,,,,,,just say quite simply you can pay x ansd goodbye,,,there 1 of the worst but stand up to them and they run,,,,,
  14. dx thks,,im really valuing your help,,, can you explain this,,im little confused,,,,if they mark partial settled on credit file and show balance as zero,,,why would i have just wasted my money?surly the fact is i have only paid part of the outstanding(ie partial) so there showing it correctly,,but when they show balance now 0 that relects there part of writing other off,, if balance shows as 0,,even though says partial ,,how can anybody as me for more,,when shows i own nothing??
  15. indeed martin,, what is your interpritation of the wording on mine,,,,when they write accept in settlement of a/c......... would you say that is enough ,, i take your point of coving myself with own aggrement sent to them,,,,,its just the views,,,,,,,partial settlement open to return 4 more full and final wording prity safe ,,,,,,,but ,,,settlement of a/c,,,,,,personally i interprit that as ok as there accepting the money in settlement ie settled
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