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  1. Oh yes, I have complained very strongly and have aksed them, on several occasions, to justify their unilateral decision to effectively cancel our agreement. So far all I've had is some pretty lame excuses that do not stand up to careful scrutiny. THis morning I have had an "answer" to my demand for part of the intitial arrangement fee to be refunded. ON the one hand they have agreed to refund £8k but then they would want a new agreeement to extend the (reduced) facility for 1 year and of course another arrangement fee. The net result of this would be that it would actually cost me an add
  2. This was a development loan that was fully agreed and indeed the first draw-down, to purchase the land, has already been effected. I would add that Clydesdale also had a first charge over our existing property, value circa £1.1m as well as the 7.5 acre plot. The most gaulling thing is that they are quite happy to maintain the loan for the land purchase - and luxuriate in receiving the interest each month - but not the further tranche to enable the build to take place. This action is preventing me from earning any money from the project, whether that be by selling the new house (or my old one)
  3. Six months ago I agreed a development loan with Clydesdale for the purchase of some land and the contruction of a new house. They took their enourmous "arrangement fee" up front and I have been covering the interest whilst planniing approval was sought. The agreement states that once the build is started (it could have started 2 months ago!) the interest would roll-up until the new house was either sold or let. Clydesdale have prevaricated for the last two months on allowing the first draw-down to enable the build to start but have now, at the 11th hour, said that they "don't think that condit
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