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  1. Is that the same for housing associations? As I know some rules are different between private landlords & them. They turn up & issue a safety certificate every year after less than 15 minutes of being on site, essentially they run the boiler check the gases & everything else is visual which is why I was querying the fact they didn't even do that last time. The only maintenance done is to change the little screw in filter in front of the boiler they don't even take the cover off in the last 10 years that's the only maintenance they do each year.
  2. Thank you Have wanted to do that, unfortunately cost is the issue it's a min of £150 here off contract that I've found, we live hand to mouth plus have to pay off the budgeting loan to cover removal costs at the moment too, otherwise I'd have done so before now but ESA doesn't go far in the first place minus budgeting loan & bedroom tax & well you know how it is. I've got a tribunal coming up if that's successful might be able to do something then just feel as the landlord it's their responsibility to do this properly, our old property the cert had all the emis
  3. Hi We live in a housing association home, moved in via an exchange in July. When we moved in the oil tank was dry so we had it filled immediately. When we did paperwork for the exchange we were given bundles of stuff one of which was a boiler safety certificate. It was missing all figures for emissions tests just said "N/A". I'm assuming given the previous tenant had no oil there was no combustion test done. I've asked the HA many times since July Inc in person during a visit here & no one ever gets back to me. I wanted to know is the cert valid withou
  4. Hi Elderly 85+ she'd had a Barclaycard on/off for decades. She received 2 cheques from Barclaycard this week both for around £1400. The attached letter say they've sent the average payout as they have records she had PPI on the 2 accounts & the dates, but they do not have any records of what she paid & for what (which sounds like rubbish to me) She doesn't have any records either what do people think, take the money & shut up or take it further? If so what do people recommend next? Thanks
  5. Yeah i'm trying to find something similar now but the Lowell and utility debt thing is a bit rare as I understand it? I'll have a good look round tho, thanks
  6. Not using prove it letter was simply saying that's what i've done previously and they haven't replied at all Went to edit previous post to format it etc and left it too late so apologies that my answers aren't clearer
  7. Right i've now done all of that just got to take letter to the PO but it's otherwise all done as suggested. What's next please? Thanks ever so much you've been great
  8. Ok just waiting for the Gov Gateway email now
  9. Name of the Claimant ? Date of issue –13th March 2019 (only received recently had follow up letter acknowledging mistake their end and deadline is now 11th April 4pm) Date of issue XX + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = XX + 14 days to submit defence = XX (33 days in total) - 11th April 2019 16:00 ^^^^^ NOTE : WHEN CALCULATING THE TIMELINE - PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE DATE ON THE CLAIMFORM IS ONE IN THE COUNT [example: Issue date 01.03.2014 + 19 days (5 days for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = 19.03.2014 + 14 days to submit defence = 02.04.2014] = 33 days
  10. I haven't been an EDF customer since 2014 so guess it would be about then they're chasing from. I never got a final bill from EDF at the time so chalked it up to being OK then didn't hear anything until Lowell got involved a few years ago they've batted about for awhile since then sending letters threatening Last year sometime I wrote back with the prove it letter & they never replied to it just sent more threat letters until court papers arrived today I'll fill all info in Bankfodder requested later when I can get it in front of me quietly. They sent one of their
  11. Hi for a few months now Lowell have been sending the threat type letters to which I replied with the prove it letter to them (twice) which got no reply, haven't heard anything for a few months until today court papers arrive. Whats the best way to deal with this it's for energy from EDF from 2014 they now want about £400 but I couldn't see how we owed so much which was why I sent the prove it letters to them as happy to make arrangements to pay it if the amounts were correct etc. What do I do now? Thank you
  12. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  13. Thanks, it was last week I sent it off. I suppose I might get lucky and one of the other scrappies I have contacted might take it without the full V5C
  14. Thank you dx100uk So that's all I have to do in relation to the notice? I told them immediately that the vehicle is not abandoned it's parked awaiting the V5 so it can be scrapped and i've emailed the landowner to tell them the same. Hopefully the DVLA will respond quickly to the V62 and can get this gone. Thank you
  15. If I had a drive it'd be on it we don't even have a road let alone a driveway. Did I mention it broke down, can't remember if I did now or not but either way I can't move it myself. I will scrap it but the local company wants a V5 (not unreasonably) to collect it and it hasn't turned up yet. I've now done a V62 to request one but obviously this takes time hence the question. The note was banging on about it being abandoned that's all it is talking about nothing else and as I have told them it is not abandoned this notice says nothing about SORN nor tax etc it just literally says it's a
  16. Ok I'll try to keep this short Bought a car, broke down still awaiting the V5 and fully intend to scrap the car but will also remove some parts from it before it goes. In the meantime the car is whole and in tact and looks in roadworthy condition with MOT. The car is parked on social housing landlord car park and is SORN'd, untaxed but does have current MOT. Have had issues with neighbours and ASB for which I involved the police. They have moaned at the landlord saying the car is "abandoned" to get at me. The council came out and put a notice on the car last week:
  17. Oh for goodness sake because: The car park is too far to walk It's up hill as I said I am disabled If you think that there is adequate parking well that's wrong for a start but leaving that aside even if there was 100 parking spaces if none are usable for a disabled person how is that not a breach of Equality? By your logic there's no need for disabled parking spaces in a multi-storey car park because there are "plenty of spaces" that kind of logic is bonkers! The equality act is about unsurprisingly equality. An able bodied person is able to walk that extra distance safe
  18. I understand anyone could use it and honestly I don't have a problem with anyone disabled using it that's what it's for after all and it's a very rural location with no benefit to anyone else parking here so I think most residents would behave if it was painted up. There is LOADS of room for one (or more)! Surely under the Equality act surely doing nothing is unacceptable? I haven't written to them again recently I was giving them time to do what they promised and unfortunately my very limited energy has had to go elsewhere like supporting my mother when my dad died recently and my hospi
  19. Hi need some advice on this please. I'll try to keep this brief basically we don't have allocated parking, you can't park close to the house as there's no road up to it so I need to park as closely as possible. I have asked the housing association many times for disabled parking and they've delayed and now their latest excuse is they need to survey the other tenants, why they need to ask other tenants when i'm the one asking for what I think is a reasonable adjustment? I'm not in a wheelchair but I do receive both elements of PIP and I do have a mobility scooter, some days the
  20. Just looking at that looks like you need to be referred there first. Think i'll try our MP he's helped before on other things maybe if he's involved they'll at least send the information so we can at least defend it. Stupid that after social services and the police closed the book with nothing needing doing they still think this is appropriate. Everything has gone wrong in the last year my dad had a horrible death from cancer, car's broken down several times, repaired and now broken again so we're stuff during the holidays, kids need shoes can't even get there to get feet measured, fridge
  21. That's why I posted in the legal forum, unfortunately legal is not an option as there's no legal aid for such things now and our income is basically next to nothing owing to ill health and disability. I have already read the DBS link thank you for posting it but thats why I was after some advice because you can't talk to DBS, you can't defend yourself. I have written to them again and made a complaint to the ICO for an incomplete SAR, not processing data accurately etc but other than writing another complaint to them I don't know what else to do. Even if there was legal aid availabl
  22. I'll try to keep this short but it's rather convoluted and I need to not mention organisations or it could all identify everyone involved so please be patient. My child went to a popular social group for children and I was a volunteer there too. I am guessing to an extent what is going on as they won't tell me which is part of the problem. There was an incident involving my child and another of inappropriate touching it was investigated by police and social services who concluded it was a game (tag/it) and it was an accident and blown out of all proportion by the other child.
  23. Not true you wouldn't have a deposit using a personal loan which this isnt. It's one of their Elect products it looks like PCP to me and fits with the balloon payment which again with other methods you wouldn't have the Huge balloon payment at the end. They've got back to us today, they've agreed to stop being silly & come collect the car and they're saying there's an excess to pay of around £4000 which they've tried to imply my relative owes but of course it's a bill to the estate and what with loans, credit cards etc it'll get added to the pile and ther
  24. It's Citroen's finance house, they've been totally awful. Thank you for confirming my thoughts on the matter. It's some kind of lease deal as it's deposit, £400 a month plus huge balloon payment at the end some I'm 99% sure the car is "theirs".
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