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  1. Thanks for the reply yea had them on the phone already will have to sort out he paper work and do some photo copying but they have what i sent as they also sent it off to them the same as myself because i couldnt down load the questionaire they sent me one and the sent one to them aswell that is why they were surprised at the out.
  2. Ok have had a response from BH on both these loans and well you guessed it the same letter of refusal that a lot have been having i.e the 30 days to cancel and not miss sold and contact the FOS if not happy.I have done this bare in mind i went through these in the beginning they were quiet surprised that they had come to this decision on both loans and so quickly just about 8 weeks since i made the complaint.So now they want me to send the letters they sent forms i sent to them for them to investigate and could take 12 to 18 Months to do acording the the FOS.BH know this as i said to the Fos c
  3. Not sure how to go about SOC dont understand the refinancing bit.
  4. As im am waitng now for there next reply i have been reading up on all the latest post on forums by ppl who have had there replies back.It seams that there new tactic is this 30 day part of the ppi rules. I think personaly that they are maybe upholding a few cases so as to be conforming to what ever rules there are but on a majority throwing them back at the consumer so they take the FSO route knowing that there is nearly a year back log. Thoughts on this and what was there are to confound them when this happens as i expect with them.
  5. An update on this thread.I didnt send a sar after as got a lot of the info i needed off phoning Black horse.In stead i contacted the FOS due to me being unable to download the questionaire pc wouldnt open it.They have intern notified BH for me and sent me the paper questionaire.I have now received the standard reply letter from BH saying about the 16 week wait.A question i am a civil servant and have been since before i took out these loans i told them this at the time, i have been reading that this is a major reclaiming point is this true.
  6. Re: So reclaiming my PPI, how far back can I go look for this thread on this page may help.
  7. ok just found a template on another thread for a letter.also what type of id would they look for from you and do you need to provide one.i know from previouse not to send in a signature for variuous reasons.
  8. Hi started a thread about this 3 years ago but never got around to doing anything with it due to having to deal with some well know debt collectors and other family issues it was a case of "i will get to that".so its that time now.firstly i have 4 months left on current ppi and the other was refinanced 4 years ago to current ppi policie.now im not going to phone them as it says to do on there web site as need the paper trail to go by so a SAR will be needed. i have had a look for the template but cant find it can anyone provide a link to this plz.it will have to be for a full SAR.i have the a
  9. Hi sorry to hear you are having problems with this lot.As you made payments untill 2007 then they can take action on the debt but by them trying to take 50% off shows that they might have no CCA for this and that it is over 10 years old which may also provide a clue.Have a look around this sight for info on this as there are many threads on this lot including mine.Just a side to this there maybe ppi insurance on these loans which you could claim back.I am sure someone with more knoledge will advice you what to do.
  10. ok an update on this.We have moved out of the property not because of him but another family reason.we have replaced one of the carpets but not with what he wants a good quality one and better than what was there but not expensive 10 sqm wool was 16 sqm.so he isnt going to be happy.when we did the check out with the agent nothing was written down he just pointed out things and said the cooker is clean but he didnt check if it worked or not as it didnt and was reported a few weeks ago.we had been waiting for a repair for 4 months and think they came in in the last week or 2 and repaired it as i
  11. I havent heared anything from this lot since i went to court and got my costs from them.
  12. Ok moved into property 2005 contract for a year then turned into a rolling perodical contract.Went under management of agent in 2007 and still is.The question is the LL adress i think has changed and is different from what it was at the start of the tenancy(only contact we have is mobile for him and agent) does that make a difference to the legality of the contract.
  13. Hi going through the carpet thing myself.All ware and tare has to be taken in tio concideration.Have a look on ARLAs website about it very good info there.
  14. Ty for the reply.No we arent on benefits we both work.Cant get on any lists for housing as we earn to much and not in need at momment.Also we have been given an idea that being we propose to him we pay for the carpet and he gives us a long term lease 5 years or so with 6 monthly inspections.We have had carpet fitters out today just for quotes and for them to give us a price and idea of what is down now, basicaly a medium quality carpet about 7 to 8 quid a square yard beige in colour.Also if we did have problems how would be get a new rental with out a referance from old land lord.Phoned ARLA
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