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  1. i think WE (the people) should charge the banks for putting our money with them,, considering their ptential risk (northern rock..?), etc.. though i dont think doing a payment slip for £100, and giving just £95 will work..
  2. contact council asap, pointing out situation, need for car etc. might be worth getting this put in another person's name too, or parking away from the house if/when bailiffs come calling again. DONT let them in as could give them more rights next time..
  3. you may be able to backdate claim, too- done this for council tax and rent claim, to match JSA- THEY said details were copied in, but apparantly not so on this occasion.. just some utilities and credit cards to sort out now.. oh, and a better job!
  4. if a ccj was issued, would the debtor get a copy direct from the court- otherwise the agency could just whack on whatever amounts they liked?
  5. which address should i use, to reqwuest their bully boys bryan carter and co back off? a ccj was paid off ages ago, but now they are after me for even more..?
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