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  1. Hello, I think there was a glitch on your last post, but I've checked the ticket and it's a parking charge notice, I'd never have known the difference before.
  2. I had three expired tickets on the dashboard already. I am more than prepared to go all the way, they are a private company which has been hired by the trust. I asked the hospital for something to put on my car so i wouldn't get a ticket, but they said it would be fine till the morning. I don't understand why the hospital couldn't quash it straight away. It's not right that these people are stalking hospital car parks so they can cash in on helpless victims. I have submitted an appeal, however, their online appeal didn't allow for mitigation as I couldn't write in free text it was just Tick bo
  3. Well done, i've recently received a PCN when my p&d ticket expired in a hospital car park, whilst my wife was in labor. I'm just researching ways to fight it now and what I have read so far is encouraging. keep up the good work!
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