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  1. Parking cones will just be driven over. I have written to him and asked him to keep the row clear but he just ignored the letter. Might ask a friend to bring their van round and park it on my drive leaving him just enough room to get to his property. I recently had to have the police out because he was on my property shouting up at my cctv, this from a man I have never met.
  2. The parking does not occur occasionally the neighbour parks permantly on the right of way. I, for medical reasons do not drive at the moment, but my visitors can not park on my property. Selling the house will be difficult, covenants relating to both properties state that the right of way should be left clear. This neighbour has more than enough room to park on his own property. Neighbour also doesn't restrict his parking to the right of way but parks on my property to when the mood takes him.
  3. Just to let you know that I raised a complaint with the police about the harassment notice which I recently chased up to be told it is being dealt with. I now have another problem, hope somebody can I advise. Same neighbour is parking on the right of way, despite having enough land of his own to park on. Rasied the issue with the legal arm of my insurance company and was told that I had to write to the neighbour in the first place, which I did and received no response. Sent legal people copies of the parking on the right of way and was told that because I do not drive at th
  4. Thanks for response Unclebulgaria. No insurers did not consider that others would need access, nor that I have a right of way on foot over next doors drive.
  5. Had great help when last visited the forum, about harassment notice my complaint now with the police, hope I can get help with my on going problem with parking on the right of way. There are three houses, 1, 3 and 5. 3 and 5 have a right of way over my drive, I, no.1 have a right of way over no. 3s drive. No. 3 let's no. 5 park on his property, my right of way. I have written to both 3 and 5 pointing out the covenants regarding the right of way and received no response. Two weeks ago I asked the police to visit no. 3 regarding the parking, to my surprise they agreed to spe
  6. The Mould great letter many thanks, makes all the points clearly. I was fighting with my own letter, trying not to show my anger at once again being drawn into a situation which was not of my making. I will scrap my own efforts and use your letter which is much more impressive. Many thanks
  7. smokejumper I live in Kent. I doubt that he will knock on my door, I don't see what he has to discuss with me, if it is tittle tattle from the other neighbour I wouldn't be interested. I just have a feeling that he, like the previous owner thinks he owns my drive, the plan of his property will soon straighten out that misconception.
  8. I think we need a recap. I am in my property, don't interfere with anybody else's rights or parking. New neighbour moves in has long conversation with next door neighbour, new neighbour from that moment on stops in front of my cctv to glare on a daily basis. If anybody needs to explain themselves it's the new neighbour. I am writing to the new neighbour explaining, and including plan of his property showing his boundaries, what rights he has over my property, to pass over with no parking rights. I also suggested he see his solicitor if he wants to query what I have said. Pound to a
  9. Not as stand off-ish as his visitor parking on my drive last night.
  10. My cctv was installed following previous owners girlfriend driving her car at mine as I was going down my drive. She then sat there laughing, I just got out of my car and told if she found it so funny she could sit there all day long laughing and walked off, she realised that she had blocked herself in. I found out later that she was on her way to take some sort of exam. Again despite photographs showing what happened the police were not interested The neighbour then installed two cctvs one looking directly into my home, it took two years for the police to make him take it down. I can
  11. CCTV covers my drive and my row, doesn't cover other properties
  12. Sorry if I have upset anybody - just joking
  13. The neighbour does have a problem it is only since his conversation with his neighbour that he started to stop in front of my cctv poke his head out of the glare to glare. The reason the insurance said to write is because they expect you to deal with the problem in the first place. The neighbour is parking in front of his garage, double, where he does not own enough land to park, so parks half his vehicle on the right of way which is the land I use to reverse my car onto to face the road. I have had seven years of threats of violence, attacks on my property and abuse. Before these ev
  14. steampowered and unclebulgaria67 I appreciate your comments, you seem good people with warm hearts. I would in the normal course of events be nothing but polite and cosiderate towards my neighbours. Never have I come across people like this, I have always, before this house purchase, had really good neighbours. I don't want to get into a conversation with somebody who is going to quote what the third neighbour has said to him or go over the past. My letter is not couched in legal terms but invites him to write and advise me of any problems he has that does not involve a third party.
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