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  1. Sorry, the image doesn't seem to be there so I have uploaded it again here: http://i54.tinypic.com/afa9fl.jpg They say that I have to be in contact them by tomorrow, are they forcing my hand in trying to get them to phone them given this is unrelistic by post in over the bank holiday weekend? And why do Midas have to get in touch (whoever they are) when they say I have to get in touch with Moorcraft, all seems more bullying tactics to scare me.
  2. Yes I have given them all the details and have asked RW over and over again for the money and surprise surprise I get no sense out of them which is very frustrating! I even phoned my bank to try and get the money back and they said they can do nothing since the money is with RW now. Should I pursue RW as well as trying to deal with other DCAs who are trying to chase me for this debt or both? I came back home today to find this missive waiting for me: http://i53.tinypic.com/9a36s1.jpg It's from Midas credit services (who I have never heard of) so yes Bazooka Boo you are right they have completely ignored my correspondence and are just writing as if I have ignored their pointless letters (well I might as well have done!) So what on earth do I write now? And are they really going to try and take me to court for £1850 when I am disputing it or are these all empty threats? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for this, I have just written a letter telling them the account is in dispute and currently unresolved with RW. I also asked for their complaints procedure, I will have to see how they respond next!
  4. Ok so update on this, I sent a statement blanking out my details with just the payments and references numbers along with a letter telling them what I had done. I heard nothing for months and then today wham a letter from Moorcroft debt recovery limited demanding the full amount. I am guessing I am never going to see the £40 I paid off the debt that I have been asking RW for then. I mean how do I go about getting that back even? Here's the letter: http://i55.tinypic.com/2mfacs1.jpg And then I only got it today and they want it to be sorted by the 14th April, how on earth have I got chance to even think about it and reply? And what is an intended litigation anyways? It all sounds kind of official! Are they trying to scaremonger me again and how on earth do I respond to this? Any help would be much appreciated as I am feeling rather stressed and angry! Thanks!
  5. I will not use Swinton insurance again, they were quite expensive compared to other companies anyway, at least for me. The problem is is that if they already have your bank details, they will try and deduct money by dd whenever they feel like it. I am not sure whether they are legally allowed to do it though. I always found them crap at customer service too so good luck and stop insuring with them when you can!
  6. The credit card (alongside a few others) is one I was paying off, there are interest charges on it but I just want to pay it off at a small amount every month. However it seems when I try and negotiate any repayment they all say it's not enough. I am a bit reluctant to fill in an I&E form because my circumstances are about to change and I am looking to move house which costs a considerable outlay of around £2000 in deposits etc. I don't want to promise so much every month and then not be able to keep up my repayments.
  7. Hi, I am currently being hounded by Lloyds for one of my many credit card debts I have. I was paying off £15 a month off the account for years and all of a sudden Lloyds ended the repayment plan and then set some DCAs, AIC, Sechiari amongst others onto me. I wasn't prepared to pay the amounts they asked of me so it has been sent back to lloyds. Now out of the blue they send me this letter: http://tinypic.com/m/e827fb/4 with a 'current information questionnaire.' Am I legally obligated to fill this in? I am sick of them being so greedy and not accepting th amounts I am offering. Any ideas?
  8. Yes they are a cheeky lot. They are trying to say I used the wrong reference number so I am not sure what the problem is as surely with all the details I have given them they should be able to sort it out! I have given them all the information apart from those which give them the rights to set up direct debits on my account! I have tried to print out my statement from my online banking and I have edited it but it is literally a word document with the payments on it which looks like I have just typed it up but that's all I have, I don't receive paper statements anymore, is that sufficient?!
  9. Thanks, yeh I know what you mean I have so many of the same letters from RW and they are mostly ridiculous, maybe the only way is to reply with the same. Horwich have finally responded to my letter (I guess the last letter was a 'you haven't replied computer generated response) and said, 'After viewing with the reference number provided, we will happily credit your account with the missing payments once evidence has been produced, in the form of receipts or a bank statement, to support your complaint.' How am I supposed to provide this 'evidence' since I wouldn't have receipt of setting up a standing order through online banking. And I draw the line at sending a bank statement with all my bank details on. I have provided them with all the details I am willing to. What do I do now?
  10. Thanks, yeh I did actually notice the 'pay us today at robway.co.uk on the letter which made me think why can't I trouble Horwich for RW's mistakes! I have just received another missive from Horwich completely ignoring my letter and at the bottom it even says 'If you any queries please call us or our client Robinson Way to agree on affordable payment arrangements.' So are Horwich working for RW who are working for Lloyds?! The letter I got today says: 'We may advise court action against you as a result of your failure to settle this account. Even at this late stage you can avoid court ction by making payment to us or by making a proposal that you can afford. If you wish to make a payment proposal, please set out a simple statement of your means and any circumstances you wish us to consider.' The monsy is the same as if I never paid them that £40 over 4 months last year. So I guess they are keeping my money then! I see how it is, I pay them money and instead of paying my deby off someone pockets my money. What do I do now, stand my ground or just start paying them? I don't want it to go to court really and I feel silly going for small claims for £40. And to be honest I just haven't the time, trying to hold down my job and study an MSc so I am struggling a bit! They can sod off if they think I am sending them 'payment proposals' Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Most ridiculous job title I came across this year was Debt Purchase Correspondence Manager, her name was Ms Cooper, she must have been proud of her appointment at Rotters way! The most amateurish DCA had to be RW again who thanked me for my recent payment and then sent me a letter saying I had not paid. Allied Internatonal had to be the least persistent who gave up collecting my debt after 2 yellow cards! Rudest telephone staff has to go to Sechiari, Clark and Mitchell. Ah waht fun!
  12. I have contacted my bank who have said the standing orders have definitely gone out and therefore Robinson way have the money I paid them but refuse to pay off my account with it. I am therefore writing horwich farrelly a patronising letter telling them to sort themselves out and find the money I paid them and that I will not be giving my account details to them. I have donated £5 to this site rather than pay those scumbags as I think it is much more worthwhile!
  13. So do I deal with them (RW and Horwich) separately and start paying Horwich now and just send them a letter outlining such? I just want those scumbags off my back and I have a little money to spare. Though I can think of better uses for it. I can't belive they all inhabit the same place or the next sty as PGH7447 so rightly put it!It shouldn't be hard to sort the whole £40 money paid to RW, it's just they refuse to without me giving them all my bank details which so far I haven't. Maybe I should just contact my bank and see if they can help though it could be a few hours of waiting on the phone (yawn!) Thanks so much for everyone's help with this!
  14. I paid £40 at £10 a month over 4 months a little while ago. However Robbers way just didn't acknowledge my payments and despite me giving all them details of where I paid it etc. I then stopped paying as I was starting to think that someone was fraudently taking my money or something. I sent numerous letters to RW who just couldn't or wouldn't resolve it. Stupid question but why ahve they both got the same address? RW are debt collectors and Horwich Farrelly are solicitors, should I be worried?
  15. I got home today to find a sopping wet letter from 'Horwich Farrelly' whose address and envelope look similar to Robber's way address, are they the same people? It says London Scottish House, Quays reach. And it's 7 dys late! I knew they would do this? I am annoyed because the £40 I paid to Robber's way is now lost, how am I supposed to get it back now? Horwich Farrelly are saying they have been instructed by their client to claim from me full payment of my unpaid account. Court action may be taken gainst you within the next 10 days you make a full payment or make a payment with affordable proposals to pay the balance. I want to sort this out but I don't want the money I owed so far forgotten. I don't want to have to write to Robbers and Horwich Farrelly! What do I do? Please give me some advice!
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