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  1. Thanks. I think actually the reason for rejecting isn't that this particular merchant is more open to fraud but rather that given that the products they sell are high value and high demand they are more likely to be targetted in the first place. It's almost the reverse of why my car is such a high insurance group - it isn't more likely to be in an accident, the parts are just so expensive if it is. Guess I'll just have to put up with their stance then... already paid with a less picky card anyway so as not to miss out on the deal I was after.
  2. Are credit card companies allowed to choose who they will accept transactions from if all the normal criteria are being met? I placed an order with a distance seller, who by the nature of the products is a common target for credit card fraud, and immediately received a call from my card company's security centre — at which point I confirmed that it was a genuine transaction and was reassured that everything was fine then. Since then the merchant has attempted to take payment again and been rejected again so I spent a long time talking to the credit card company—over several calls—who
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