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  1. Please do not have anything to do with a company called Supracleanse for a product called Supracleanse350. free trial offer. if you do not cancel within 14 days and it takes longer than that to receive the product they then take the full amount of nearly ninety pounds a month from your bank and you cannot stop them. It is something called a recurring payment through visa. You cannot cancel the payment through the bank and they will not speak to you or answer any emails. The company is not reputable and it is a total [problem].
  2. Thanks for those replies and I fully understand why I did not get the judgement, but I did have proof in text from a mobile phone on different occasions that it was a loan and a signed statement from her husband stating it was a loan and it would be paid back but no particular date. I accept I have lost the case and worse still a member of my family who I thought I could trust. Thats life I suppose I will now get on with my life thanks for your replies.
  3. I provided witness statements proving that the money was a loan one statement from her husband and one from my wife also mobile phone texts proving it was a loan. My total argument is why when I have proved she borrowed the money the judge said there was no case to answer when there was no end date when the loan became payable in full. All I wanted was a judgement to say she owed it not how long it would take to pay it back. I fully expected not to see it again but she walked out of the court cheering as she had won.....She won nothing apart from showing that she was just another sponging low
  4. Hi everyone I just thought I would post this after I took someone to the small claims court for a debt of £4000. The circumstances were... I lent someone £4000 topay their mortgage as her husband had been sent to prison and I tried to help her out. The outcome was ..she refused to pay me back anything so I took her to court. The case was dismissed even though I had loads of evidence saying she owed me the money and she had nothing apart from her word saying it was a gift which it clearly wasnt. I even had evidence from her husband stating it was in fact a loan. I was grilled by the judge sev
  5. Thanks for that advice it is what I expected the only drawback was the fact she would only be expected to pay what she could afford, but she has now put her house on the market and stands to make a substantial profit. Her husband also stands to make fifty per cent of that and he is my main witness so I think there is a good chance I will get the full amount when the house is sold. She cannot cry the poor tale when she has just bought a brand new car 60 reg. and is supposed to be destitute.
  6. I am taking someone to court for a loan that I lent her in order to pay her mortgage as she has refused to pay me back saying I gave her it as a gift. I have witness statements stating it was definitely a loan and have mobile phone messages confirming it was a loan. I also have a statement from her husband confirming it was a loan. She has no evidence whatsoever to say otherwise. We have been through mediation and that was no good as all she said was she would pay me back a paltry amount which would take fifteen years to pay back. Unfortunately I cannot use this in court as it is not allowed.
  7. Thanks for your interest. No I have not heard another word about it since I posted the last comment. I am certainly not going to worry about it, they have nothing so I will ignore them. Hope this helps you.
  8. Thanks 42 man I will contact them with the letter you advise and see what happens then.
  9. Thanks for your input David it is an unenforceable CCA and it is pre 2007. I will post any court claim I get.
  10. I dont think it is a threatogram as they dont say they may go to court, they are saying they will.
  11. The solicitor is Knipe Woodhouse - Smith the dispute is proof of CCA
  12. I have had a debt in dispute for over a year now, and sent off the neccessary letters as advised on this forum. My letters to the DCAs involved have been ignored and it has been passed to different companies over the past year. It was all going ok with BLS when they decided to sell it on to AIC. I sent them the letters of dispute etc. It was then transferred to 1ST Credit. then to Credit Security Ltd. I have just received a letter from a solicitor stating they are now going to issue court proceedings if they dont receive payment in 7 days. I have no income as my wife and I are in receipt of pe
  13. Thanks for that info baby bear unfortunately I will be away for the next three weeks so I will get back on to it when I return and see what post I have then battle commences again.
  14. I have now received a reply to my letter to 1st cred. Strangely it says request for copy agreement, I never asked for this. I told them the account was allready in serious dispute and asked why they were pursuing this when they had no right to. I have already had a letter from AIC stating the original agreement was no longer available. Should I just wait now and see what happens or dive in with another letter to 1st cred?
  15. Thanks for that babybear I think the letter from AIC was regarding a different account as there is three accounts all with Lloyds, it is for a loan,overdraft, and credit card. and I am thinking the account that has been passed over to 1st credit will be the loan which is the highest amount. I will find ou twhen I receive the said letter that is supposed to be on its way to me. I did check the phone number that they called from and it was definitely 1st credit.
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